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If violence is needed, a pre-recorded second part of the One Championship: Unbreakable series will be delivered in spades.

1: Unbreakable 2
The main event looked ahead Cage Warriors Fighting Championship Title holder
Mauroceriri Welcome newcomers to the promotion Abdul Basil Vagabov In a heavyweight collision. Italian fighters took time early on, waiting for Vagabov to inadvertently move forward. Vagabov tried to drag the action onto the canvas, but the Italians had no problem stopping the opponent’s attempt. After a short pause due to the Russian eyes being nailed, Seriri caught the “Dagestan Machine” from the clinch with his knees and finished the first stanza with a series of punches. In a waning second, Seriri bounced off his feet from a quick takedown to not end the round on his back.

A few seconds after the second frame, Seriri landed a left hand and a crushing leg kick on Bagabov, and a follow-up right hand lowered Bagabov onto the canvas. Knowing that the finish was in front of him, “The Hammer” beat the enemy with several follow-up shots to force the referee to stop. The official time marked 36 seconds in Round 2 and succeeded in giving Seriri a rebound victory from the loss of his first career decision.

At the joint main event Daiichi Takenaka It has been submitted Ivanil de Silva Delfino after repeated attempts to choke during a one-fly class match. Delfino caught Takenaka’s kick and pushed his opponent against the fence to start the fight. After the Japanese fighter reversed his position, he had no problem defeating Delfino on a well-performed trip. Takenaka dominated the Brazilian from the top position before catching him in the position of the cross, but Delfino escaped the sticky situation and eventually finished Round 1 flat against the cage floor. It was.

Similar control was seen from Takenaka in the second round as well as in the first round. Takenaka easily took his back when Delfino looked for a rear-naked choke. Brazilian fighters defended as well as survived the round. Takenaka squeezed strongly, but “Mostrinho” refused to tap. In the first few seconds of the third stanza, Japanese fighters landed a high kick, pushing Delfino against the wire and regaining their opponent from there. After gently transferring Delfino to the mat, a Brazilian fighter finally tapped out, and it turned out that the twelfth rear-naked choke was successful. Takenaka brought back his latest victory at 2:55 in the third round.

The first half of the card, Kwon Won Il
Engaged in a brawl burner Louis Chen In my bantamweight division. As the two continued to trade, “Pretty Boy” folded Chen in half and put the body shot into the third stanza in 31 seconds.

Elsewhere, Beibrat Isaev scored a highlight reel KO with his unconscious right hand, and Mikhailo Kekojevic faced the match in just 82 seconds in a kickboxing clash. Sovannahry Em damaged Choi Jung Yoon, Set up a ground and pound clinic to bring home the second round victory at 2:51 in their catchweight case.

The event started with the long-awaited heavyweight slope, and it wasn’t disappointing.In his one debut, a fighter known as “Reug Reug” Umar Kane
Demolished Alan Garani After landing one unique and effective takedown. A series of cruel punches in the top position caused referee Olivier Coste to stop the match at 4:32 in Round 1 and thereby add it to the powerful “Leg Roig” highlight package.

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Mauro Cerilli destroys Abdulbasir Vagabov with one “Unbreakable 2” headliner Mauro Cerilli destroys Abdulbasir Vagabov with one “Unbreakable 2” headliner

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