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Former Cage Warriors Heavyweight Champion Mauroceriri Bounced back to the winning line at the main event ONE Championship 127 In Singapore, we are one step closer to a heavyweight title rematch with Brandon Vera.

Seriri lost to Bella in the first round knockout in her first title challenge at the ONE Championship 85 in November 2018. He bounced off Alain Ngalani, but fell into another defeat as he was outpointed to Arjan Bullar in the “ONE Championship”. : Century โ€“ Part 2 โ€, October 2019.

However, after more than a year away from the cage, the “hammer” returned to good health and snapped. Abdul Basil VagabovWith 10 consecutive victories, we will return to the conversation with the heavyweight title.

Vagabov pushed the pace up from the opening bell, chasing Seriri, who stepped on the back pedal around the cage. The Italians occasionally threw a one-on-two combination to give the Russian candidate a pause.

Vagabov continued positive pressure, but Seriri confirmed that while the Russian wing punch was out of range of the punch, it was not connected to anything but air, and then on his own occasional occasion. Connected to Counter Strike. After struggling to make an impact on the strike, Vagabov turned to wrestling, but his takedown attempts in the second half of the round were well protected by the big Italians.

After the frustrating first round, Vagaboff started Round 2 significantly late, and Seriri stepped into range and made the most of it in the opening second when he slammed a powerful kick into Vagabov’s left hamstring. The impact of the shot lowered the Russians’ hands and knees, and Seriri entered and dropped a clean left-handed trio on the grounded opponent before referee Olivier Coste jumped in to stop the match at the 26-second mark. It was.

At the night joint main event, Japan Daiichi Takenaka Lowering the weight class, immediately influencing his new department, on the third submission Ivanildo Delfino With his flyweight debut.

Takenaka identified rear-naked choke as the best route to defeat Delfino, relentlessly pursued the technique throughout the fight, and finally forced the Brazilians to tap in the middle of the third round.

Takenaka had a clear fighting advantage on the mat and repeatedly took Delfino’s back during a flyweight clash. However, despite appearing to lock the submission technique many times, Japanese athletes were unable to completely dispel their opponents.

However, after two rounds of domination, Takenaka finally broke Delfino’s stubborn resistance with a final choke attempt to force a tap at the 2:50 mark in Round 3.

Kwon Won Il Threw a kitchen sink in Chen Louis In their injured bantamweight encounter, but whatever the Koreans threw at him, Chinese fighters somehow continued to return for more.

Kwon was in charge of Round 1 when he beat Chen on a ground strike that threatened to end the fight. But Chen did just enough to convince the referee that he should be allowed to continue.

In the second round, I saw Kwon give Chen more punishment. This time it was a stand-up as he connected to the chin of a Chinese fighter at will. However, despite landing a huge shot, Chen’s iron chin kept him in battle.

After hitting Chen’s face with a punch for two rounds but unsuccessful, Kwon changed his target, tore Chen into his body with a malicious left uppercut, and finally dropped the man for a third knockout. It was.

Kwon then used a post-war interview to call for a fight with power puncher John Lineker and shouted, “I want to fight you!”

Sovannahry Em Stepping into the cage to confront Choi Jung-yoon with a clear game plan, she relentlessly pursued a takedown and eventually finished her opponent with a ground strike in the second round.

M quickly closed Choi’s distance as he quickly refused time and space for Korean athletes to stop the strike. Despite her high-pressure approach, Cambodian-Americans couldn’t find a finish opening in the first round.

But in Round 2, that changed, and Choi couldn’t answer Em’s positive pressure and choking clinch game. Eventually, the action reached the mat again, and Em created enough space to unload on a series of ground strikes to force a stop in the middle of the round.

Senegalese power Umar Kane His ONE Championship career got off to a win with a TKO finish in the first round. Alan Garani..

In a match that promised spectacular action, both men appeared to be very wary of each other’s power, and he switched to a southpaw stance and connected to the center of Kane with a few kicks. It was Ngarani who sometimes had an early advantage.

The lack of action did not impress referee Olivier Coste. The umpire suspended action to demand more activity from both men, and Kane stepped forward and pushed Ngarani against the fence. After a brief fight in the clinch, “Reug Reug” took Ngalani to Matt before standing up and connecting to the head of a Hong Kong-based Cameroonian with a series of heavy punches.

After a relentless shooter, Ngarani finally tried to escape the predicament, but referee Coste had already seen enough and shook off the contest with 27 seconds remaining in the opening round.

  • Mauroceriri vs. Abdulba Silbagabov via TKO (leg kicks and punches) โ€“ Round 2, 0:26
  • Daiichi Takenaka def. Submitted Ivanildo Delfino โ€“ Rear Naked Choke โ€“ Round 3, 2:50
  • Chen Louis (Body Shot) by Kwon Won Ildef Knockout โ€“ Round 3, 0:34
  • Sovannahry Emdef. Choi Jung Yoon via TKO (Ground and Pound) โ€“ Round 2, 2:50
  • Oumar Kanedef. Alain Ngalani TKO (Punch) โ€“ Round 1, 4:33

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Mauroceriri bounces off with TKO’s victory Mauroceriri bounces off with TKO’s victory

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