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Mavens Talk: Prashant Jain I Shankar Sharma I Nilesh Shah

Plashunt Jain


I started my career when the index was 3,000. With 50,000 reached today, the question remains whether it’s the right time to invest. Equity investment is about patience, as the short term is always uncertain. Will the market be modified from here? They did.But over time, stocks should outpace bonds in my judgment

Nile Shusher
MD, Kotaku Mutual Fund

Investors can expect a return on equity in line with nominal GDP growth. This can be the first two digits. At this point, you should avoid leveraged trading. The valuation is a bit high, allowing investors to evenly distribute weights to their stocks.

Shanker Sharma
First Global Vice Chairman

There is plenty of room for returns. On a compound interest basis, you’ll see significantly higher returns in a couple of years, and you may see mid-teens revenue each year. Greater power is working in India. The US dollar is declining and inflows into emerging markets are increasing.Overall EM will work very well, and India will also work very well

Samiru Arora
Founder of Helios Capital

In anti-dollar trading, current market sentiment is very bullish as global liquidity continues to favor emerging markets, especially Indian equities. Further such milestones may be seen in the coming months if earnings surprises continue.But some of Biden’s policies can be negative to the market

Raamdeo Agrawal
Chairman of Motilal Oswal Financial Services

We are in a big bull market and will not be surprised if the Sensex exceeds 100,000 over the next five years. But Burlan’s pace depends on government reforms, revenue growth and liquidity.However, there may be corrections in the short term

Mavens Talk: Prashant Jain I Shankar Sharma I Nilesh Shah Mavens Talk: Prashant Jain I Shankar Sharma I Nilesh Shah

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