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Maverick, Melton, Montgomery Rays Pay, Driver Benefits

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Maverick Transportation, Melton Truck Lines and Montgomery Transport have recently continued to see carriers increasing their drivers’ wages and benefits.

Montgomery announced a new paid program and other perks on November 11th. A flatbed carrier based in Birmingham, Alabama, said it will receive an additional 5 cents appreciation payment for every mile loaded from November 2nd to January 31st. Avid drivers will also receive an increase in daily salary during the same period.

“This recent cycle is one of the most dynamic yet difficult times we’ve seen. Our drivers have stepped up and continued to move America forward,” said Montgomery CEO. , Rollins Montgomery said in a statement. “We are excited to show them our deep gratitude in many ways.”

Montgomery has implemented other initiatives this year as a way to thank the drivers. From November 2nd to February 1st, the company increased the statutory standard load tarpaulin payment from $ 35 to $ 50 and the dimensional overload from $ 50 to $ 60.

Drivers who have been with the company for more than 30 days are guaranteed a minimum weekly wage of up to $ 1,200. The company also raised its breakdown wages from $ 100 per day to $ 150 per day in July. Montgomery also said it had invested in new equipment.

“Our professional driver’s time is invaluable to us and we are committed to their success,” Montgomery said. “The difficulties our drivers overcome every day deserve to be recognized and rewarded. We immediately recall these times of trial as another turning point in our lives.

“We are planning a brighter tomorrow, so we couldn’t be more enthusiastic about our future with further driver salaries.”

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Melton raised its driver’s wages for the second time on November 16th this year. Air Ride Flatbed Carriers in Tulsa, Oklahoma said drivers from all companies will be raised depending on their experience and tenure. The salary increase starts at 52 cents per mile for student drivers and gives 65 cents to the most experienced drivers.

Melton’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Las Elliott, said on November 1st, “We will welcome a fleet of diligent and dedicated drivers in a year when most industries struggle to find workers. “We are very fortunate to be able to do it.” Thanks to our drivers is not only one of our core values ​​and stated traditions, but also a major factor in all the decisions we make. “

Melton Truck Lines is ranked 92nd NS Top 100 List of Transport Topics Largest Employment Careers In North America.

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Maverick announced on November 16th that drivers will receive a new vacation allowance starting with Thanksgiving. Each driver receives $ 100 a day over six holidays. Drivers will also see a 20% reduction in full coverage plan health insurance premiums in 2022.

Maverick has also increased his current 401k + match program by 5% to a 100% match, with an upper limit of $ 5,000. In addition, the company is rolling out a new unlimited Wi-Fi program available on all trucks for $ 1 a day.

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Maverick, Melton, Montgomery Rays Pay, Driver Benefits Maverick, Melton, Montgomery Rays Pay, Driver Benefits

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