Max Holloway touts Calvin Kattar’s toughness at UFC Fight Island 7: “I would have had that performance” for everyone “.” – MMA Sports

Max Holloway I believe two things will come out of his recent performance UFC Fight Island 7: No one hit him that night, and Calvin Kattar It’s as tough as they come.

In January, Holloway unanimously decided on Kattar at the first UFC main event aired on ABC. The final tally included a pair of scorecards 50-42 and 50-43, one of the most biased results ever seen in octagons.

For “blessed”, the decision was far from his previous show, the loss of a second decision to the current featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski It caused controversy. Some MMA observers believed that Hollowway hadn’t finished the fight, but he proved in Abu Dhabi not far from the truth.

“You see and hear a lot,” Hollowway told MMA fighters. “I heard a lot of people counting me out of the fight. People say I’m done, this and that. I didn’t care. I’m where my focus is, I’m I know what I did, how I worked, and the sacrifices I had to make. The only people I had to show were those who sacrificed for me. : My team, my family, my fiancée, my son, my coach-I took time from them-and they wanted to show what this was I was the only people.

“After all, it was just another fight for me. I don’t care what it is, it’s just another fight for me. People talk, talk, talk, talk. Drama. Are selling. Let’s make them a drama. “

According to the UFC Stats, Holloway landed a record 445 out of 774 serious strikes in 25 minutes. Kattar overcame many difficult places in the fight with his grit and toughness. In particular, in the second and fourth rounds, we made a total of 230 important strikes.

Former featherweight champions have taken off his proverbial hat to the “Boston Finisher,” while many praise Hollowway’s remarkable attack.

“I don’t know how to explain, but there are some nights. I don’t know if I’m watching other sports, but there are some nights in other sports. [athlete’s] “Oh man, I couldn’t miss the shot, every time I connected, it was over the fence, or was always on the base.” [and] That’s the way I felt, “Holloway said. “That night I was just in the zone. You could have someone in front of me, and I would have had that performance all the time. [they showed] How tough are they?

“Scream to Qatar, he was tough. He was strong in Boston, he was a man, and he was as tough as he could. Tango takes two hours, but he stood across from me that night. So I could only do what I did. I just felt good and free. I felt like I was spending my life there. “

The fourth round seemed to be the final issue in the battle as a whole. Hollowway landed 141 out of 191 serious strikes on the wobbled Qatar, but never fell and ended the round with a smile. No one complained if the battle stopped at that frame, or between the 4th and 5th, but it lasted for the last 5 minutes.

Hollowway was certainly not disappointed to get back there, but he was certainly surprised.

“From the 4th round to the 5th round, I saw him flying around,” Hollowway explained. “I was telling myself,’He’s not coming back to this round. It’s over.’ Then he jumped around and I said,’Oh man! We’re in the fight. So I was excited and feeling good. “

In the aftermath of a crucial featherweight match, referee Herb Dean and Qatar head coach Tyson Chartier were pointed at for not stopping the fight. While talking to the MMA fighter, Chartier admitted that he was very close many times for the fourth time.

“The only way to explain that is that I was looking for a reason to stop it, and every time I tried, [Kattar] Will give us a reason not to do that, “Chartier said. Described his fighter..

When asked if he thought the fight should be stopped, Hollowway said it wasn’t what he was thinking, as the action was underway.

“Who do I say? I’m a fighter fighter,” Hollowway said. “I’m a fighter. I’m not focusing on Herb Dean or my coach. I’m doing my own thing. I’m doing my job, but what my coach is doing, or When I started to focus on what Herb Dean was doing, I lost control. My purpose was to get out there and fight.

“I know where Tyson came from and where Herb Dean came from, but all I can do is focus on the fight. That’s all I focused on. I’m focused on Calvin. I did. “

Undoubtedly, he’s aiming for a summer return on the next Hollowway following the best performance of the Hall of Fame of fame so far.Whether it opposes the winner of the upcoming featherweight title battle with Alexander Volkanovski Brian Ortega so UFC 260 I’m still not sure because Holloway has many potential options.

It wasn’t just a victory over Qatar, it was part of the moment that happened throughout the battle, including the fifth round when Hollowway began to scream, a conversation with a commentator, and even landing a Nooruk punch before the gust.

“I remember hitting him against my body. Dan Hardy The numbers, saying something about the strike I landed, I said to him, “count,” “I let him know that it wasn’t over,” Hollowway said. “He caught me in a jab, and that was when I turned, and I told him,” I’m the best boxer in the UFC, “and that was just the moment.

“Thankfully, if Calvin wasn’t that tough, many things led to that moment. [as he was] That way, there wouldn’t have been the last minute of that fifth round. It was just crazy. “

– MMA Sports

Max Holloway touts Calvin Kattar’s toughness at UFC Fight Island 7: “I would have had that performance” for everyone “.” Max Holloway touts Calvin Kattar’s toughness at UFC Fight Island 7: “I would have had that performance” for everyone “.”

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