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December 30th evening Sulove Gangley I entered Eden Gardens, where a Bengal team practice session was underway. The BCCI president has just left the state’s Cricket Commission’s annual meeting and decided to stop by where he was made.

Saurasish Lahiri, a former Bengal teammate at Gangley and now U-23 Bengal coach, asked him, “Dada, do you want to continue training?”

Gangley replied that he missed more training days than usual because he was tied to work. He stayed for a few minutes, exchanged a few words with Ranadev Bose, Manoji Tiwali and others, and headed for his next engagement.

Three days later, Lahiri was watching the afternoon news at home. At that time, he saw an exciting item.With a quivering hand, he picked up his phone and dialed another ex-Bengal player – “Is that true? Have Dada had a heart attack?? “

Former Bengal captain and nationally selected Sanbalan Banerjee, who has known Gangley since the age of eight, received a similar call at 1:15 pm. He hurried to Woodlands Hospital and saw Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee already there. The CM asked him: “Why do sportsmen have a heart attack? Why did a person as healthy as Sourav have a heart attack? It doesn’t fit.”

By the evening, a press conference was held on the premises of the hospital while Bengal was out of breath and waiting. Doctors said Gangley was stable and saved because he came to the hospital quickly.

CM Mamata Banerjee, MLA Baishali Dalmia, CP Anuj Sharma will come out after visiting Saurav Ganguly. (Express photo by Partha Paul)

Talk to, Sambaran Banerjee said: “At first glance, it seems impossible for Sourav to have a heart attack. However, there are many cases of sportsmen who have had a heart attack, such as Cristiano Jr. and Yuenchatfield.

“I was with Dean Jones, who had a heart attack in Mumbai last year. We were part of the same commentary panel. We stayed at the same hotel and had breakfast together. He was me. No one could have imagined he had a heart attack. He was very healthy, went out to run every morning and ate modestly, “Bannerjee said. Said.

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“I know Sourav has never smoked or drank. He took his fitness very seriously and trained as often as possible, but he was stressed. Maybe. He once said he wouldn’t participate in politics. I don’t think he should be, but I’m feeling pressure from all the recent reports of rounds linking him to politics. There is a possibility. “

“It could have triggered the attack. Let’s see what the doctor says. He will be discharged in a day or two,” he added.

A sign of how strangely Gangley was integrated into the news cycle of pre-parliamentary polls in Bengal is that his hospital visitors are from CM to governor, and local chiefs of almost every political party operating in Bengal. It has reached to.Speculation of his entry into politics is endless, and he is also touted as a candidate for prime minister. BJP..

MoS Finance’s Anurag Takul and Swapanda Sgupta visited the hospital on Monday to see Sulove Gangley in Kolkata (express photo by Pulsapol)

Lahiri, who trained with Lahiri, says she was particularly surprised to learn that Lahiri paid special attention to aerobic exercise and endurance training.

“He lives a very disciplined life. Even in his later years, we saw him take his fitness more seriously than anyone else on the team. News on Saturday We were all shocked when it arrived, but now that he’s improving every day, he’s more positive, “he said.

Smit Mukazy, a veteran journalist in Kolkata who has seen Ghangri since the days of U-15, said the news of a heart attack by a former Indian captain rocked Kolkata like no other.

Sulove Gangley Hospital Woodlands Multi-Specialty Hospital has a special “Sulove Gangley Lounge” with tea, coffee and water. (Special arrangement)

“Sulove Gangley is the ideal Bengali language and the largest Bengali icon since Uttam Kumar. He is a fighter, he is smart and has the qualities that we all want but cannot reach. We all want courage and conviction to be able to swing the shirt from the Lord’s balcony, but we can’t. That’s why Gangley is always in our hearts, unfortunately. We are all worried because it is his heart that is currently under pressure, “he said.

He also recently pointed out the amount of stress that Gangley had to suffer, was in charge of the Indian cricket committee in the year of the sports crisis, and was politically related, Mukaji said stress was the most attacking. He said it was a likely trigger.

“Whether he participates in BJP, TMC or CPM, we support him. In our eyes, Sulove Gangley can’t make a mistake, but even under pressure. There is, “he said.

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“Maybe it’s stress …”: Former teammates were shocked about “fitting” Sulove Gangley’s heart problem “Maybe it’s stress …”: Former teammates were shocked about “fitting” Sulove Gangley’s heart problem

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