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Las Vegas – Before the offer to fight Miranda Maverick She had one name in mind that she didn’t want to fight. After all, the UFC fought in their plans and matched her with fellow prospect Maycee Barber.

A few days after the ESPN 27 UFC match on Saturday, Maverick (9-2 MMA, 2-0 UFC) is in a hurry to fight Barber (8-2 MMA, 3-2 UFC). Despite her desire to take out the old guards before knocking out fellow prospects, Maverick also sees some benefits.

“I (did not want),” Maverick told MMA Junkie at a pre-match press conference Wednesday. “It was the only fight I didn’t want because we both think it’s a very young outlook. I think both of us have a future in this sport. She’s already two races in a row. She’s been defeated. She’s going to lose three games in a row, and now you’ve knocked on someone who might have been a very good prospect from a department that’s very stagnant and has a lot of older women. Instead of knocking us out of each other, I think we should let some of the older women fight some of these young prospects.

“I think it’s bad matchmaking from that point of view, but it’s good matchmaking from our own style point of view. It’s an absolutely great fight. It’s a fan’s favorite fight. When I first met her I knew. The cameraman said, “Go back to the elevator. Come back. Let me take a videotape to meet Maycee Barber.” I said, “Okay, what’s happening here already. But you know it’s in style, but it’s really good in style. I wish it was 4th or 5th, not 14th vs 15th or 15th vs 13th. “

ESPN 27’s UFC will take place on Saturday at UFC Apex. The card will air on ESPN.

Check out the full UFC at the ESPN 27 pre-match press conference with Miranda Maverick in the video above.

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Maycee Barber fights can be good or bad Maycee Barber fights can be good or bad

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