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A few weeks after finishing one-third and three laps in the 24 Hours of Daytona Mazda announced that 2021 will be the final year In the prototype category of the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship.

However, according to the driver, none of the members of the team run by Multimatic Motorsport have taken their eyes off the goal and won the title of the team that won their first victory in 2019.

Prior to next week’s Mobile 112-hour race, Tinknell commented: Obviously, the focus is on winning this year’s championship. Of course, to do that, you need to be more consistent than ever and continue to score points at the forefront of the field.

“At multimatic camps, things are moving fast towards LMH, which is well documented. It’s clear that mechanics and engineers won’t have to worry about looking elsewhere because they’ll be so busy going forward. And of course, Mazda is moving forward on the grassroots side of things with the MX-5.

“So there’s something in our roster other than Sebring’s positive thinking, and I don’t think the announcement continues as if it wasn’t what we didn’t want.”

Tincknell has a contract with Multimatic, but Jarvis and Bomarito admit that their contract was with Mazda, highlighting the 2022 plan a bit. But Jarvis said, “I’m quietly confident that many manufacturers will enter the market, which means drivers will have a chance in both Europe and the IMSA Championship.”

He added: This whole focus is now really this year as we can compete and win this championship. Of course, at some point we all will have to look to the future, but those discussions will probably take place later in the season. “

Sebring outlook

Jarvis, the Mazda RT24-P for prototype and overall honor, the battle between the Acura ARX-05s and the Cadillac DPi-VR is not only for the thrill of the near-Rolex 24-hour race in January at Daytona. He said he believed it would be close.

“I think it’s always competitive,” said a 37-year-old player who won the Le Mans 24-hour race and won the World Endurance Championships LMP1 and LMP2 multiple times. “Since I participate in the IMSA Championship every year, it was difficult to win the race and compete for the podium. This year is no exception.

“We have a few new cars, a very strong driver lineup, and we have confirmed that there are 5-6 cars that can win the race at Daytona. Even after 24 hours, we were able to win with 30 minutes remaining. There were 3-4 cars.

“Cadillacs are always there. We know they are strong in endurance events, they may not always work, or as they wish. Before the race, I’ve seen some people complain that they’re sandbags, but after all, Cadillacs are always there at the end of the race. They’re doing a very good job, it’s powerful. It is a package.

“But likewise we had a good performance, a good race. I think the podium was a good reward. I wanted to win the race but it didn’t work. I’m going to Sebring. Last year 1 With a -3, we got a really strong result. Both cars should have been able to win the race.

“So I wish I could take in the momentum from Daytona and last year’s performance and bring it to Sebring. I can beat any team on the day, but in such a strong opposition race everything works fine. You have to go. In your way. “

Asked to compare Mazda and Cadillac around the bumpy 3.74 mile 17-turn course in Sebring, Jarvis said: The traction is very good and the car seems to be receiving bumps very well.But I have to say that there are no really clear strengths around Sebring [for any car] Regarding the corners or parts of the truck. It’s pretty uniform.

“Since we raced there last year, there wasn’t a particular area where we were uncompetitive and significantly better. It’s just one of the tracks you really have to commit to, and in your way. Dial in the car Like.

“And the race itself isn’t just about pure performance. It’s a very tough race for cars and drivers, and it involves a lot of strategies. Get clean air and stay away from traffic. “

Tinknel said Mazda was just as strong in the wet as his rivals, though he admitted he wasn’t the best person to ask …

“I think I’ve only run three laps in the wet of this car in four years, so there’s a bit of a joke!” He grinned. “When it rains, I always say,’I’m going to JB!'” [Jonathan Bomarito, his former fulltime partner].. It seems to be happening all the time – Road America was another classic example of last year, this year’s pole race at Daytona.

“But I’ve seen the moment when the car became super fast. [in the wet]..I remember with Daytona 240 [last year] Initially, both cars were running in wet conditions. … Yes, I don’t think I’m too worried.It’s possible [we’ll get a wet track] Especially 12 hours, a full day, but I’m ready. It rains and shines. “

Development of RT24-P has not stopped

The Mazda team reduced the number of entries from two to one in the 2021 season, and some predicted an outage before the LMDh rules were applied, but Multimatic Motorsports continues to work on SpeedSource and TeamJoest. RT24-P.

Mazda’s best tracks were smoother courses such as Daytona and Watkins Glen, but now they can be winners everywhere. Bomarito, the endurance race of the year “Third Man”, described the development since its launch in 2017 as “large scale”.

He continued. “After the first year, there was a lot of development that needed to be done in the car, and Multimatic took over the program from the perspective of the constructor and completely redeveloped the second half of the car. Lots of suspension geometry. Multimatic and That damper, it’s a constant evolution.

“The reliability of the entire car as a package, including suspension, engine and drivetrain, is increasing year by year. We won the 12-hour race last year and won the podium in the 24 Hours of Daytona for the second consecutive year.

“From an endurance race perspective, the car is quite different and the results show that. Finishing these hardcore endurance races is a great achievement and proves the developments we’ve made over the last five years. Dampers Is constantly evolving, and corrects the combination of springs and roll bars.

“Sebring is a very aero-dependent track and I was very good at it in the past. There was that part. Like turns 1 and 17, to deal with some of the big bumps in Sebring that I had to find a damper / ride control setting.

“We’re decent on the streets. We didn’t run last year, but when Harry and Ori return to Long Beach and Detroit this year, we’ll see that the cars are on the streets at a good pace.”

Daytona’s problem has been resolved

Jarvis says the issue that was blocking the Rolex 24 # 55 Mazda has been fixed, giving it a further source of hope for Sebring’s glory.

“Many problems were small problems,” he said. “We have a great team. They are back in Mooresville, NC. There was an update telling us what the problem was and what was implemented to solve it. That’s what the team experienced. Attention to the details to be taken. Therefore, we have addressed all issues that occurred within 24 hours. When we arrive at Sebring, we don’t think it will be an issue.

“The fact that the car ran to the end and returned to the lead lap And Given the problems we had, the opportunity to fight for a victory at Daytona was great. So the good thing is to go to Sebring knowing that the car can run 24. And the small problem we had was solved. “

This includes issues that left Jarvis in the pit lane before the pace laps, thus leaving behind the field to start the race. As a result, he was vulnerable to GT cars. Some of them were able to collide on the opening lap.

“The first five minutes of the race were certainly interesting!” He smiled. “In general, starting in the front row will make things a little easier and you will have the opportunity to lead or slide to second place.

“But when it wasn’t ready in the first place, I couldn’t believe it. That was the problem-I couldn’t make the first choice. So step by step I told the team about the problem and solved it in various ways. In the end, I found the right one. If it happens again, I know exactly which one to choose.

“So that’s something I don’t think will happen again, but if so, it will be resolved soon. You have to start from behind … on my side, I just retreated soon, And that’s a good job I did. I was a little surprised to see the GT crash even in front of the start line! Fortunately I stayed on the lead lap and wasn’t involved in the GT genocide. “

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Mazda’s motivation is high despite the end of the program Mazda’s motivation is high despite the end of the program

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