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McLaren has launched the new Mercedes Formula One engine for the first time.

McLaren and Mercedes have rekindled their previous partnership since 2021. McLaren ran the Renault engine from 2018 to last year.

The newly signed Daniel Ricciardo joins Lando Norris, a leader in McLaren’s new era, and aims to continue its uptrend in recent seasons.

On Wednesday, the British team started the engine for the first time. This is an important part of making a new car.

McLaren CEO Zak Brown and team boss Andreas Seidl oversaw the engine start, but nothing was revealed about the team’s new car design or coloring.

The McLaren-Mercedes partnership was to take place at the same time as a major overhaul of sports aerodynamic rules. The rule change was postponed to 2022 to save development costs during a coronavirus pandemic.

Most other teams haven’t changed much of the car this season, but last year McLaren was forced to spend development tokens on installing a whole new engine rather than an upgrade in 2020.

As a result, McLaren has virtually got a new car this year.

“All other teams will take over most of the cars from last year to this year, but that means switching to a Mercedes power unit doesn’t apply to us,” McLaren production director Pierce Singh reportedly said by Autosport. ing.

“It has made a big difference and, in essence, we have built a new car. The number of new parts in the MCL35M is about the same as when we built the MCL35.

“The gearbox bell housing on the back of the chassis and around the engine has been significantly modified to accommodate the new power unit.

“Changing the power unit drastically changed the car’s architecture and all packaging methods, so in addition to all electrical harnesses and control boxes, the entire cooling layout and all plumbing (for fluid or air) changed.

“When you reach the cost limit, carryover has several important factors.

“The FIA ​​has created a list of Transitional Carryover (TCO) components that are outside this year’s cost limits. These are the parts that will be available in 2021 if run on last year’s car.

“We have maximized these TCO regulations so that we can carry over as much as possible, such as inside the gearbox and some suspension components. Therefore, we will use part of our 2021 budget for design and manufacturing. is not necesary to. “”

Pre-season testing will take place in Bahrain from March 12th to 14th. The Bahrain Grand Prix will start the season on March 28th.

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McLaren launches new Mercedes engine for the first time McLaren launches new Mercedes engine for the first time

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