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McLaren Racing will open a new motorsport chapter in 2022 by entering Extreme E. The team will be run by McLaren Racing using existing personnel from outside. Formula 1 program..

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McLaren Racing will be joining the new Motorsports in 2022 when it joins Extreme E, an innovative all-electric off-road series aimed at using racing to promote sustainability and diversity. Open the chapter. The team will compete in a five-race global championship, accelerating McLaren Racing’s own sustainability and diversity agenda while reaching new fans and partners to grow the McLaren Racing brand and franchise.

Extreme E highlights the impact of climate change on some of the world’s most remote environments, promotes the adoption of electric vehicles to pave the way for a low-carbon future, and is the world’s first gender equality motor Provides a sports platform.

The decision to enter Extreme E follows a detailed assessment of the series by McLaren for a set of strategic, economic and operational standards. These were underpinned by a clear obligation to accelerate McLaren Racing’s unique sustainability mission centered on carbon reduction, recycling, reuse, waste elimination, diversity, equality and inclusion.

Extreme E aims to maximize awareness while minimizing its impact on the environment, racing in areas already or affected by climate change and facing the planet. It draws fans deeply into the heart of the most pressing environmental issues. At the same time, the series incorporates equality and diversity, with each team having one male and one female driver.

In parallel, Extreme E is helping the automotive industry develop technology for the future, using motorsport as a platform for mobility innovation, which has long been associated as an accelerator for research and development. ..

McLaren Racing has been a leader in electric motorsport from the beginning, using the same technology that was pioneered in the McLaren P1 hypercar, supplying battery powertrains for the 1st and 2nd generation FIA Formula E Championships. I will. With the transition from supplier to team, McLaren Racing will continue to build know-how and expertise in the all-electric racing space.

Since the team’s founding, simultaneous competition in various series has been incorporated into McLaren Racing, and Can-Am, F1, INDYCAR and Le Mans are all part of McLaren’s heritage of motorsport competition and innovation. Extreme E will be added to the diverse McLaren racing portfolio, with a focus on Formula 1 along with IndyCar and esports.

The team will be run by McLaren Racing, using both existing staff outside the F1 program and additional specialist resources. Like all teams, McLaren Racing has four mechanics and one engineer at each event for the one-make car and its two drivers, transported by Extreme E as part of the entire franchise package. Is limited to.

Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren Racing, commented:

From the moment Extreme E was announced, we’ve been closely tracking the progress of the series. Our attention is to share our own comprehensive sustainability agenda, sharing the same priorities of this innovative format of motorsport platform, especially decarbonization, waste reduction, diversity and equality. I was immediately drawn to the ability to accelerate and boost.

At the same time, it will reach new viewers in an innovative racing format, connect with a new generation of fans through content delivered through various channels, and provide partners with a purpose-driven competitive platform to coordinate and share. .. With a positive and powerful story.

McLaren has always been at the forefront from the beginning and was not afraid to push new limits. This new venture adheres to our roots of participating in different categories, innovations and courage. Extreme E is breaking new ground in motorsport as a force to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing the world today and in the future.

Formula 1 has always been at the heart of the world, like IndyCar and esports, but its entry into Extreme E has been added to the McLaren Racing franchise to help complement and support all programs. We compete with the big names we are familiar with in F1 and INDYCAR, but like all the series we compete in, the purpose of the competition is clear. We are there to win.

Extreme E CEO Alejandro Agag said:

Extreme E’s mission is to use sports to raise awareness and accelerate innovation in clean technology that benefits the mobility industry and beyond. Carrying McLaren, a symbol of the highest levels of racing and car innovation, is a strong support for what we offered in the first two races of Season 1 has already had a significant impact on motorsport.

We are absolutely excited to welcome Zack and the Powerhouse McLaren Racing Team to Extreme E. I can’t wait to see how the team works on their first off-road electric race debut. Season 2 has become very exciting!

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McLaren Racing enters Extreme E in 2022 McLaren Racing enters Extreme E in 2022

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