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McLaren announced on February 15th that it will announce the new MCL35M for the 2021 F1 season.

McLaren is the second team to confirm launch plans prior to the new campaign. Alfa Romeo announced on February 22 that it will announce a new car.

In a message posted on the social channel, McLaren announced the launch date of the new car on February 15, and the event is scheduled for 7:00 pm Greenwich Mean Time.

The launch event will take place at Walking’s McLaren Technology Center and will be broadcast in partnership with UK television rights owner Sky Sports F1.

At this event, McLaren will uncover the new car for the 2021 season and introduce new driver Daniel Ricciardo following the winter switch from Renault. Ricardo will partner with Lando Norris in 2021 for the third season at McLaren.

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The drivers are aiming to continue the recent revival of McLaren, where the team finished third in last year’s Constructors’ Championship, marking the team’s best season since 2012.

Another major change in McLaren in 2021 is the introduction of Mercedes as a new power unit partner inherited from Renault.

McLaren was forced to use two development tokens when redesigning the rear of the car to accommodate the Mercedes power unit, but the team is confident that it will provide a decent advance in terms of performance. ..

McLaren shared a video MCL35M car fired for the first time On Wednesday, one of the factory’s race bays marked a new step in a rekindled partnership with Mercedes.

McLaren served as a Mercedes work team in F1 from 1995 to 2009 and continued to use the engine until the end of 2014 prior to switching to Honda.

The challenge of switching power unit suppliers is despite the chassis carryover scheduled for 2021. McLaren has designed an essentially brand new car.

“All other teams will take over most of the cars from last year to this year, but that means switching to a Mercedes power unit doesn’t apply to us,” said McLaren production director Pierce Singh.

“This has made a big difference and we are basically building a new car. The number of new parts in the MCL35M is about the same as when we built the MCL35.”

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McLaren sets release date for 2021 MCL35M Formula 1 car | F1 News McLaren sets release date for 2021 MCL35M Formula 1 car | F1 News

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