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The McLaren DDP program, first run in 2018, will place four drivers on a partner team in the GT4 division of the British GT Championship and split them into two car crews.

The program was managed by Tolman Motorsport in 2018 and 2019, and then by Team Rocket RJN in 2021 after a year of pauses in the scheme during the 2020 season, when COVID was delayed.

Autosport understands that McLaren is currently bidding on a partner team to run the program in 2022.

A total of 14 drivers appeared in a two-day evaluation hosted by McLaren at Snetterton last week, with factory drivers Robbel, Bembani Court, Joe Osborn and Yuan Hanky ​​as mentors.

Candidates had two free practice sessions on the McLaren 570S GT4 on Tuesday, followed by qualifying and racing on Wednesday.

The driver also received a simulator and fitness rating on iZone Driver Performance and included a media interview as part of the rating channel.

Among the drivers competing for selection are Bailey Boashin, who won the 2021 GT4 European Championship at McLaren Customer Team United Autosports, and Aston Miller, Ginetta Junior Champion, two drivers who won the British GT race at McLaren. -Gas Bowers (2020 Donnington) and James Kell (2021 Snetterton)-also attended.

Harry Hayek / Katie Milner-Team Rocket RJN McLaren 570S GT4

The 2019 World and 2020 European Cart Champion, who won the Jackville Neuve-backed FEED Racing shootout in 2019 and was scheduled to race in Carlin and British F4 last year before switching to the French series. The Margin Clemmers, and the 2020 British GT Runner-up TF Sport Patrick Kibble, were one of the other interesting names on the list.

This year’s DDP drivers Michaël Benyahia / Alan Valente and Harry Hayek / Katie Milner scored the best results in a Moroccan / Swiss pair at the two-hour Donington Finale after being denied victory by a puncture at Snetterton. It was second for me. ..

2022 McLaren DDP Candidate
Cebu Alvarez
Gas Bowers
Tom Edgar
James Kell
Patrick Kibble
Marijn Kremers
Pierre Livingston
Aston Mirror
Gordy Match
Tom Rawlings
Mo Ritson
Bailey Boassin
Alex walker
Lydia Walmsley

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McLaren signs GT contract with the best DDP driver in British GT in 2022 McLaren signs GT contract with the best DDP driver in British GT in 2022

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