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Former Marlboro sponsorship chief John Hogan, who died after signing with Covid-19 yesterday, is “the king of sponsorship” from the CEO of McLaren Racing, the team that helped him become the dominant force in Formula 1. Was welcomed as.

Hogan had commonly seen the Marlboro logo in F1 for decades, until the restrictions on tobacco advertising became a bit stricter for half-hearted people. Thanks to Hogan’s support, many F1 drivers, including world champions, took a break in the sport.

But the biggest influence on the sport was his decision to support a change of management in McLaren in the early 80’s.The team was declining after taking James hunt For the 1976 Drivers’ Championship.

Hogan facilitated the arrival of Ron Dennis. Ron Dennis used the funds of a tobacco company to make the first radical development of Formula 1. Dennis took over from the previous administration of the team led by Teddy Mayer and Tyler Alexander.

With Hogan’s help-following talks with Hunt-McLaren also seduced Niki Lauda Hogan then worked to integrate Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna with the dreaded McLaren combination that dominated F1 in the late 80’s.

Zak Brown, current CEO of McLaren Racing, said RaceFans Hogan was “probably more responsible than anyone in McLaren.” [for it] Today’s place to mediate, or is in the midst of, a deal between Teddy, Tyler and Ron. “

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Brown believes “Hoggy” was reluctant to claim his share of credit at the watershed moment in F1 history. “Hoggy is the type of person who never says’done’,” Brown said. “But from everything I read and heard, I think he did it, and the best part is that he wants not to walk around saying” he did “. “

Hogan and Marlboro helped bring McLaren back to the top

McLaren ran in Marlboro color until 1996, by which time the tobacco brand had transferred its loyalty to Ferrari and its logo Michael Schumacher The red car when he offered titles one after another in the next 10 years.

Hogan resigned from his role at Marlboro’s owner Philip Morris in 2002 and was a temporary sports director on Jaguar’s F1 team. Brown said he wanted to meet “legendary” executives early in his career and said that much of his success in Formula 1 was largely due to the referrals Hogan helped him.

“I had a woman who worked with him in Jaguar and applied for a job with him as a reference,” Brown recalled. “I have less chance to call him for reference, but I am a network person and [because] You will have the opportunity to talk to the legendary John Horgan. That’s the way I first met him.

“Obviously I knew who he was, he was the king of sponsorship. From there we built a relationship. Ultimately, a platform for building JMI. I need to pick him out as the most responsible individual to offer me. [Just Marketing International] With the introduction of Hogie, I thought about what would happen if I opened JMI, an F1 office.

“I met Bernie [Ecclestone] I built my relationship through John. John introduced me to everyone. I knew a lot of people, but I didn’t think I had that much street credit until John took me. He introduced me to Luca di Montezemolo, you name it, it came from John Horgan.And when we started trading in F1, I think most of the success we got was because of relationships, credibility. [and] The knowledge he had. “

Main image: Zak Brown via Twitter

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McLaren’s Zak Brown pays homage to John Horgan Race Fans McLaren’s Zak Brown pays homage to John Horgan Race Fans

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