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Kiwi has revealed that he plans to start someday at his home grand prix, a long-standing prestigious race that has been held outside the world championships since the 1950s.

Races are contested on a variety of hardware, from Formula 1 to Formula 5000 to Formula Pacific to Formula Ford, with Jack Brabham, Stirling Moss, Bruce McLaren, Keke Rosberg, Lando Norris and more recently Shane Van.・ Gisbergen.

Currently part of the Toyota Racing Series season. Vangisbergen won the All Kiwi NZGP earlier this year The organizers called on local stars to make up for international drivers who couldn’t cross New Zealand’s closed borders.

McLaughlin was thinking of returning to New Zealand for the 2021 Grand Prix, but revealed that he, like him, was hampered by border restrictions. Decided not to race at Bathurst 1000 later this year..

However, the NZGP is still so much on his bucket list that he can get off to a good start in the next few years if the complexity of the trip becomes apparent and he establishes his position in IndyCar.

“I want to race at the New Zealand Grand Prix,” McLaughlin said.

“I was talking about the possibility of doing that [this] It’s a year, but it’s the same [to Bathurst] What happened where I was and what we had to do with COVID.

“But certainly I could see Shane could do what he did last year. I thought it was really cool. And it’s very for New Zealand to be able to grow the race. I think it’s a special race.

“I have to keep my focus [in the US] Before drifting from too many places “

McLaughlin added that his desire to race in the GP was caused by the fact that he missed the last opportunity to race on the home ground during the last season of the supercar because of the pandemic. ..

The Australian category traditionally hosts races across Tasman, but was unable to travel in 2020 due to border issues.

New Zealand missed the Supercars again this year, but will rejoin the schedule in 2022.

“I couldn’t finish what I wanted in New Zealand,” he said. “I finished in 2019, but it was a little folded in 2020, so I want to race at home again.

“My Nana can’t travel and she wants to see me race live again. I race anything under. I race a go-kart race or something. Home I want to do it if I can go back to.

“In fact, I and my old man are backing up and building some of my old go-karts. We have all the parts. When I return to New Zealand, that’s what we do first. That’s what we’re going to take them out on the track and do them all. It’s pretty exciting. “

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McLaughlin wants to start the New Zealand Grand Prix McLaughlin wants to start the New Zealand Grand Prix

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