Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond released, Steam reviews are mostly negative, patch will be released next week

After being released at The Game Awards, the Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond reception is not good. Within two days of its release, the VR game Steam review was “almost negative” and players reported a list of issues. The developers have confirmed that remedies for some of these issues are underway.

If you look at Steam reviews, there are a lot of people who have an hour or two in the war game. From performance to gunplay to the options available, many aspects come up over and over again. “From simple things like where mission screens are displayed and grenade models don’t overlap, to core gameplay mechanics like grabbing objects and reloading weapons … they’re all clunky and complete. It wasn’t implemented well, even if it wasn’t buggy or broken. ”One review said that low resolutions“ even the main menu is unreadable and not very useful for performance. ”

Developer Respawn Entertainment is aware of the negatives, and a patch is set up next week to start fixing the issue. Updates include smooth turns, removal of mission win screens between levels, and fixes for weapon acquisition issues in Quartermaster. In a Reddit post, Oculus Studios executive producer Mike Doran states that the following patches have also been turned off: Once the date is confirmed, we will provide the details. “The team is working on implementing additional visual scaling options. We want to release this as soon as possible, but it’s not included in the first patch,” he writes. .. “We listen to the community and try to fix / adjust as much as we can.”

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond was announced last year, but it wasn’t necessarily for VR. This is the first new release in the FPS game series since the 2012 Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

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