Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Trailer Brings Impressive VR Multiplayer Action

Patrick Dane, Saturday, December 5, 2020 15:19 GMT

The Medal of Honor has been revived and is now a virtual reality.

New trailer Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Brings impressive VR multiplayer action to your Oculus, Vive and Valve Index headsets.

Respawn Entertainment’s VR shooter is quietly built behind the scenes. The game sometimes pops up and often looks pretty impressive.

I recently saw a story trailer of a game that looks really interesting, but with the AAA VR multiplayer game that involves the community, you can move the form forward in quite a few ways.

Well, you can now take a closer look at multiplayer in this new trailer of the game. It shows off a pretty silky gameplay and makes a pretty compelling argument for VR FPS. There are actually several modes that players can participate in, such as Mad Bomber, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Brastradius, and Domination.

How the game deals with motion sickness and motion sickness can be important. Both are obstacles to VR FPS shooters, but if Respawn can uncover the secrets, this could really be something.

With titles like Half-Life: Alyx advancing VR forms, legitimate VR multiplayer games developed by developers of Respawn Entertainment pedigree could greatly help drive that legitimacy. there is. We still don’t know how big the community for it is and how well it works.

But if it somehow pulls it off, this may be something worth screaming.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond will be released on December 12th for Oculus and Vive headsets.

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Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond trailer brings impressive VR multiplayer action

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