Meet a new generation of Norse mythology

“Viking” ran for 6 seasons It spans nearly 30 years of history and focuses on the legendary Norse warrior Ragnar Lodbrok and his sons trying to create their own heritage (usually with some form of violence). .. In the final season, Ragnar’s son Ubba made a spectacular trip to North America, but according to Norse legend, the Norse actually first crossed Leif Erikson (played by Sam Corlet in “Viking: Valhalla”). )was. Enjoy the splendor of the Atlantic Ocean and Newfoundland.

The Vikings sought the beginning of the Viking era, but the Vikings: Valhalla went towards the end of the era as Scandinavian Christianization began to reduce worship of the Old Norse gods. I will. Characters from the previous series are not expected to appear (because they are dead), but “Vikings: Valhalla” has descendants like Ragnar’s great-grandchildren, Normandy’s Emma (Laura Berlin). Brother Lolo will appear.

Meet a new generation of Norse mythology

https://www.slashfilm.com/615592/vikings-valhalla-teaser-meet-the-new-generation-of-norse-legends/ Meet a new generation of Norse mythology

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