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Remember the football team that spread by word of mouth after releasing a black tie-themed kit? Perhaps you’ve seen a fuss that looks like a person in a medical school textbook because of a muscular uniform. Or even a club that defended a team of players all dressed as Hulk? Now, behind football’s most notorious, bold and eye-catching outfit, there’s someone who turned from a former player to a visionary kit designer.

His name is Juan Francisco Martin Fresneda, 49, a television executive in Castile and Leon, Spain. Cultural Leonesa jersey that looks like a supper jacket and bow tie And Palencia’s “skinless” human torso strip.. Astorga’s design that looked like after Dr. Bruce Banner’s transformation And Samora’s depiction of the human circulatory system It is also his creation. When they were released, the kit spread throughout social media and provided the long-awaited financial boost to clubs far below the Spanish fascinating elite.

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Martin is no stranger to the semi-professional team struggle. He played in several clubs in the lower Spanish leagues, including his hometown of Gymnastica Segoviana, Melilla, Lorca and Murcia, and was as high as the third club in Segunda Divion B. His breakthrough into the world of kit design was when he arrived in 2014. I was consulted by Cultural Leonesa, who was nearing financial ruin and longing for funding ideas.

“The design of the kit was inevitably born,” Martin told ESPN. “Necessity is the mother of invention. I was the director of LeonTV in 2014 and Cultural lived a dramatic moment. They had a lot of debt and were on the verge of breaking up. I as a consultant they I was working with the board of directors. “

Martin’s marketing background helped him come up with the original idea of ​​a black tie jersey. The kit was an undisputed success, attracting worldwide attention that was rarely given to the lower Spanish leagues, from which other clubs came to him for advice.

“When someone is involved in the world of creativity, there are no restrictions, but you don’t have to force it either,” he says. “I have some ideas, but I have to wait for someone to understand. We’re in a basketball project and some other things I’m working on. There are. I’m sure it will be in the near future All future clubs-including Barcelona, real Madrid, Bayern Munich -We are in the world of survival, so we need to create an original third kit to sell. A football shirt is a way to tell a story.

“There are three types of shirts. Beautiful shirts made by Nike and Adidas, and shirts that seek promotion like Guijuelo’s shirts. [a Spanish club who gained fame for their jersey that appeared to be covered in ham]And what I suggest, playing with emotions. I have an idea for an emotional shirt designed for Madrid and Barca and I’m sure it will sell millions of kits. It has nothing to do with color, but it has to do with emotions. It cannot give a clue. Otherwise they will copy them from me … look, Atletico Madrid Fans will buy Atletico shirts regardless of design. But if you could make a shirt that tells a story … and perhaps if you had an emotional connection with the club, your sales would increase tenfold. “

Martin’s relationship with football stems from a personal tragedy, and his involvement in the game is the way he returns something.

“My life is a bit like what you can see in a movie,” he says. “At the age of 17, my family died in a car accident and I was alone with my dad. In dramatic situations, football helped me a lot. It’s a family, life I didn’t have. I understood football as a school of values ​​and entered the world of football as a coach, and I was also an officer of the local club Gimnastica Segoviana. “

This is Martin’s unique kit design story. In his own words.

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Culture Leonesa (2014-15)

motto: “Cultural and most elegant soccer team”

Background: “They were in heavy debt and were on the verge of breaking up. I was working with their board as a consultant. It was the club’s 90th anniversary and one night with the WhatsApp group, I was destined for them. He said he had half the ideas that could change. “What do you think if Cultural came out wearing a tuxedo on his 90th birthday?” There was a joke, but many people do it. I didn’t think it was a good idea.I talked to Hummel [Cultural’s kit manufacturer at the time] At first I was skeptical, but he gave me an idea. They showed me the design, and to be honest it was very ugly. I didn’t like it, but the idea worked. I made some small changes. The idea was to adapt a black shirt and a kind of sticker to make it look like a black tie. The final design wasn’t very clean, but it did the effect I was looking for. “

Impact: “There was an absolute avalanche of news around the world within 24 hours. News on five continents. From a conference on how we fight debt, which of the nine directors is on Japanese or German television .. sold 4,000-5,000 kits. The problem was that no one expected such success, so Hummel wasn’t ready to meet their needs. We couldn’t meet all the requests. Continental was in the third division and it was a normal season. Only 20 or 30 of the biggest fans bought the shirts.

“We created this shirt in 2014 and the Qatar group Aspire bought the club the following year. [when the club released updated home and away editions of their tuxedo kits].. And before them, others were interested in sponsoring the club. “

“There were some criticisms. Some said the club lost its identity in the shirt. There was a moment when Cultural played against Real Madrid in Copa del Rey. [they lost 13-2 on aggregate].. “If I wore a black tie shirt at the Bernabeu and half of the planet was watching the game, I would sell 50,000 kits,” I told them. However, the club prioritized their identity and played with the original shirts. “

CD Palencia (2015-16)

motto: “Leave the skin”

Background: “A colleague I played with in Lorca called me and told me that Palencia had serious financial problems. [fourth-tier Tercera Division] The table was afraid they couldn’t play the promotional playoff phase of the season because the players weren’t paid.

“When I played, there was a motto in the world of football.’We left the skin on the pitch.’ [a popular Spanish phrase meaning ‘to give your all’]So I came up with the idea of ​​muscles. It was difficult because the player didn’t believe it. They borrowed two months’ salary and were two months away from playing the promotional playoffs, demanding money and threatening to strike.

“Looking at the success of the Cultural Tuxedo kit, we asked one of the shirt sponsors, Ingenova, to invest some money. If they endorse this idea, they tell them that it will spread around the world. They were a club for all the money they borrowed so they could continue. “

Impact: “We held a great event to present the kit. We gave a pathetic presentation at the tie. It was just a press conference. We learned from it and gave a spectacular presentation in Palencia. 12:15 pm By the minute, as a trend, journalists from around the world called and received hundreds of requests. Kappa predicted that he would sell 200 shirts and all sold in just one hour. Palencia was in Segunda Division B I was promoted to. “

Atletico Astorga (2017-18)

motto: “Incredible Astorga”

Background: “I wanted to make a second version of Palencia’s muscle kit. I thought of something stronger like the Hulk. I thought of a regional team that played on the green and remembered Astorga. I met the club president and suggested to her. It was interesting, but I had to create a brand like everyone else, so I came up with “The Incredible Astorga” with reference to the Hulk.

“I emphasized to them that the most important aspect is the unveiling, and I gave a wonderful presentation at the Guell Palace.. The presentation was better than the shirt! The shirt seems to be the weakest of the four in terms of identity, but it was a spectacular presentation of a player breaking through the wall. “

Impact: “Requests from Japan and China have begun … A big TV station swallowed the small town Astorga. It was impressive. Astorga played the promotional playoffs but didn’t rise because he lost the final round.”

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Zamora CF (2018-19)

motto: “Blood, sweat, tears”

Background: “Zamora was in a dramatic situation. They were in debt of € 700,000 and belonged to Part 3. I knew someone who was willing to invest in a football club. I saw Samora and said it was a very nice kit. The kit that attracted attention was called “blood, sweat, tears”. Based on the path that Samora’s heart and blood go around the body, I gave them a presentation and they liked it.

Impact: “It was a great success. Best 2 [kits] As for the impact, there was a Cultural tuxedo and Zamora kit. Personally, I think this is the best. Samora did not rise in the 2018-19 season, but gained some stability and was promoted to Segunda Divion B in the next campaign.

“For some reason, all four clubs improved in the following year. Culture was in the third division, promoted twice and also played in the Segunda division. Astorga played the playoffs, Palencia and Samora were promoted. Did.”

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Meet the designer behind a jersey based on black ties, human anatomy and the Hulk Meet the designer behind a jersey based on black ties, human anatomy and the Hulk

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