Mega Man X Dive Out Now on Google Play Store

Mega Man X Dive is a new mobile entry in the Mega Man series. It’s a classic action platformer rethought for the modern era. That said, there are lots of gachapurs, free-play mechanics, and a lot of other awkward things that will probably put off a lot of people.

But if you’re not angry with that, the Mega Man X Dive looks like a sophisticated platformer with some tricks. Will it be as good as an old Mega Man game? No, don’t be ridiculous.

But that shouldn’t really be the case. The game features collectable weapons, boss battle mode, and the first co-op gameplay in the Rockman X series. This is a trailer.

There is a movable control that allows you to place the button in a comfortable place on the screen, and the touch is good. There is also a gallery function that allows you to check various characters when unlocked.

For this to work, you need a device running Android 6.0 or later. There are additional downloads when you install the first 75MB package. Mega Man X Dive is free and has a lot of IAPs.

If you want to try the game Click here to download from the Play Store now.. However, I understand if you want to miss this.

Mega Man X Dive Out Now on the Google Play Store

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