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Iranian wrestler Mehdi Ali Hosseini was hanged by the Iranian government in 2015 on charges of pre-meditation murder during a gangster battle. We reported on the sentence two weeks ago. The killing is the most recent of a series of executions and silences of athletes from Iran.

The crimes committed by Hosseini and the circumstances surrounding their decisions are very different from those of Navid Afkari, but many Irani citizens are crying out that the administration is free to use the death penalty when it seems appropriate. I will.

“The young wrestler from Andimeshk, Medi Ali Hosseini, has been executed. This is Iran, the land of death, ropes and bullets,” tweeted Iran’s Greco-Roman wrestling world champion Sardar Pashaei.

Iran’s system is a mystery. As in the case of Navid Afkari, the conviction process is by no means clear and often misused. Critics of the Irani government admit that Mehdi Ali Hosseini is very likely to have committed the murder, but are skeptical of the situations and processes that could affect innocent people.

Amnesty International Monthly Mills Told the Jerusalem Post “I understand that Mehdi Ali Hosseini was convicted of murder, but there is no other information about his case, including his trial. However, Amnesty International has the right to a fair trial of the defendant in Iran. The systematic breach of Amnesty International was documented. Murder executions are often carried out after unfair trials. Some detainees were denied access to lawyers during the investigation phase and were not present at the lawyer. Compulsory “confessions” obtained through torture and other abuses have been consistently used as evidence for conviction.

The Iranian people want to be able to trust a system that gives them the right to a fair trial and does not have to face death just because the government wants the accused to die.

Again at the Jerusalem Post, the IOC and United World Wrestling continue to shut down Iran’s actions against their athletes, even after protests from the general public around the world. “The case of Iranian regional wrestler Mehdi Ali Hosseini is tragic. It was a criminal case only and had no sports-related background. Hosseini was in the house where Hosseini and his accomplices were. He was convicted of being involved in a robbery that ended in the death of a medical student in his final year of living. Mr. Hosseini was arrested in 2015. Based on this information, this tragic incident It is outside the scope of UWW or IOC authority, “said Gordon Templeman, a UWW spokesman.

Silence of Mehdi Ali Hosseini and Iranian athletes

Mehdi Ali Hosseini is different from the cases My MMA News has covered in the past. Navid Afkari, mentioned in the first half of the post, was forced to confess the crime he did not commit. He was sentenced to death, and UFC President Dana White and then-US President Donald Trump sought mercy on the Iranian administration. Afkari did not receive the mercy and was executed five months ago.

Reza Tabrizi is a Paralympic athlete arrested by the Iranian government for questioning why Jim was closed in a COVID-19 pandemic rather than a shrine charged in Islam.

My MMA news focuses on the silence of Iran’s leading athletes and addresses more stories about Iran’s free use of the death penalty. Read more about the atrocities below:

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Mehdi AliHosseini The latest athlete executed by the Iranian government Mehdi AliHosseini The latest athlete executed by the Iranian government

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