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On Monday, First Lady Melania Trump opened a new tennis pavilion alongside the new White House tennis courts. This has been working since October 2019.

The history of the White House continues to grow and we are delighted to announce the completion of the Tennis Pavilion. Preserving this historic landmark is very important and I would like to thank everyone who helped complete this project. Melania Trump

“I’m happy to announce the completion of the structure,” Mrs. Trump said on social media. “I hope this private space will serve as a place for future first family leisure and gatherings.”

The project was approved by the Art Commission and the State Planning Commission in 2019, and in March of this year, as the coronavirus began to spread in the United States, Mrs. Trump posted her photo reviewing the pavilion’s blueprint. I was criticized for doing it.

She tweeted, “Who has become negative, questioned my work at @WhiteHouse, and chose to take the time to contribute to something good or productive in their community? But I tweeted.

The design of the pavilion matches the neoclassical style of the White House’s eastern and western wings, with balustrade walls, colonnades and large fanlight windows connecting the new building to the White House’s overall look and feel. I am.

“History continues to grow at the White House. We are delighted to announce the completion of the Tennis Pavilion. Preserving this historic landmark is very important and helped us complete this project. I want to thank everyone, “Trump wrote on Twitter.

Many are dissatisfied with the timing of the First Lady’s announcement, pandemics are rampant across the United States, and many hospitals are approaching capacity.

FLOTUS studies blueprints at factory in March 2020

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The White House has had tennis courts since the days of The Teddy Roosevelt.

President Calvin Coolidge’s son died of sepsis in 1924 after blisters while playing a game on the court. George HW Bush was an avid player.

Many presidents and the First Lady leave a personal touch on the White House, some of which are more persistent than others.

The world-famous Rose Garden was founded by President Woodrow Wilson’s first wife, Ellen Wilson.

The White House’s children’s garden, set up by Mrs. Trump, was a gift from President Lyndon Baines Johnson and his wife Ladybird in 1968.

Jacqueline Kennedy, the wife of President John F. Kennedy, also created his own garden, named after her in South Lawn, and Michelle Obama created a vegetable garden as part of a healthy diet.

Another innovation in The Teddy Roosevelt was the White House Family Theater, where the first family and their guests hosted a movie night.

The Putting Green was set up in 1954 by enthusiastic golfer Dwight Eisenhower, the bowling alley was built in 1947, and the situation room is now near the West Wing as a birthday present for Harry Truman.

In 1969, Richard Nixon built a new one-lane alley under the driveway leading to North Portico in the White House.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt built an indoor pool and received physiotherapy after a young man’s wheelchair-mounted polio attack, which Nixon converted into a White House press room.

Gerald Ford set up an outdoor swimming pool just outside the Oval Office and was swimming almost every day.

In 1993, Bill Clinton installed a quarter-mile running track to allow him to exercise unobstructed in Washington’s traffic. He rarely used it, but his successor, George W. Bush, went out for a run more often.

Donald Trump and his wife Melania are big tennis fans and have been witnessed several times on the stands over the years, especially to attend matches at the US Open.

Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump attending the 2015 US Open in New York City

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Melania Trump Announces White House Tennis Pavilion Melania Trump Announces White House Tennis Pavilion

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