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Nicaragua’s (now Miami-based) world-ranked bantamweight Melvin “Mello” Lopez (24-1, 15 KO) told St. Louis’s Charone Carter (11-3, 3 KO) on January 29. We continue to march for the opportunity of the world title. In 10 rounds of the World Boxing Organization (WBO) Latin bantamweight title at the Manual Altime Community Center Theater in Luis, Missouri, Miami, Florida.

Lopez’s manager, William Ramirez (WRAM BOXING), feels that 2021 will be a big year for Melo. “This year is the New Year, and soon Melvin will have the opportunity to win another major regional title and continue to rise in the world rankings. He is confident that he will maintain momentum towards the world title battle,” Ramirez said. Told.

In the co-star, Otar Elanoshan (4-0, 2 KO) from Georgia via Georgia will fight veteran Juan Carlos Peña (31-2, 23 KO) from the Dominican Republic in the planned 10 rounds. .. NABA USA £ 130 title.

Cuba’s Joanis Argylagos (5-0, 3 KO) faces the WBA Federatino Super Flyweight title TBA.

Tajikistan vs. TBA’s Mekulbon Sanginov (8-0, 6 KO), NABA super welterweight titles are at stake.

Closing the card:

James Bacon (25-4, 17 KO) vs. Ramon de la Cruz Sena (23-27-3, 13 KO) 10 round welterweight

Andrey Mangshev (3-0, 3 KO) vs Milton Nunez (37-25-1, 32 KO) 8 Round Cruiser Weight

Tayre Jones (2-0, 2KO) vs Zachary Johnson (3-2, 2KO) 4 round welterweight

Ismael Barroso, Sheahei Novikau, Frank Diaz, Kozimbeck Maldnov and Fazuridin Meriboev will fight in separate matches.

The event will be promoted by the M & R Boxing Promotion (Lauratin).

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“Mello” Lopez headlines January 29 in Miami »January 5, 2021 “Mello” Lopez headlines January 29 in Miami »January 5, 2021

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