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Membership revalidation does not exist in the APC Constitution – Osiomore

Adams Osiomore, the national chairman just before the General Progress Council (APC), said the ongoing membership revalidation exercise was unknown to the party’s constitutional provisions.

Osiomore submitted the submission on Tuesday after reconfirming party members at polling stations 1, 10th district, and Iyamho in the West Esako municipality of Edo.

The former Governor of Edo, who said he had participated in the reigning peace movement, urged party members and other big names to be careful not to violate the Constitution.

He further needed a movement, stating that if he was exiled from another party to the APC, it would be “double registration because there is no such thing as re-verification in our constitution.” I explained that it would be.

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According to him, it makes sense to confirm the registration so that those who participated in the APC are registered and those who are in exile or dead are deleted.

“Ask for membership revalidation means that you weren’t a member when you’ve never left the party, so register as a voter for new members or members who have left. It makes sense to review, so I think the correct language should be either a review or an update.

“The APC is governed by the Constitution, not by humans. The Constitution only provides for registration, and I registered as a member of the APC in 2014 under Interim National Chairman Bisi Akande. ..

“There is nothing in the APC Constitution that states that members must revalidate or renew their membership. If you registered when you attended the party and did not go into exile, you are a member. , Re-examination is strange to our constitution, “Osiomore insisted.

He claims that his membership is still valid and that the party occasionally renewed his registration, allowing most governors to become members and challenge the governor’s elections under the party, he said. did.

“I think I should move on. I’m glad I did it, but I don’t need it because my membership hasn’t expired and will only expire if there’s a flaw. I’m back. If so, you can revalidate.

“Without a valid register, history isn’t just beginning today. So how do 16 million registered APC members vote for President Muhammadu Buhari’s nomination in 2015 before the general election? Did you do that? “He asked.

Membership revalidation does not exist in the APC Constitution – Osiomore Membership revalidation does not exist in the APC Constitution – Osiomore

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