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Men use prosthetic hands for vaccination in the hope of avoiding the actual vaccine. – Science Inquirer

Omicron dominates the news everywhere. It makes sense. It’s new, it’s there, and it’s still a mystery. But the fact that it is a mystery paves the way for both. It makes the article more compelling (who doesn’t like the mystery?), But it’s a serious weakness. It’s still in its infancy, and scientists are still engaged in the first round of omnicron-inspired research. Still, information is starting to come in little by little. Nature Here’s a summary of what you know about the latest coronavirus strains.

From time to time, the news is that you are ridiculous enough to question its authenticity. Stories from Italy fall into that category.Around Guardian, “An Italian man faces the crime of fraud after standing up for the Covid-19 vaccine with fake arms, so he dodges jabs but still gets a health pass. Decided. Anti-Baxer may have paid hundreds of euros for silicone prosthesis. A strange event at the Vaccine Hub in Viella, a town near Turin in northern Piemonte, has Italy unvaccinated people. It happened a week after announcing measures to keep out hosts of social, cultural and sporting activities. You really need to question people’s common wisdom from time to time.

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Thanks to Elon Musk and his reusable rocket company, the march towards impenetrable space congestion has taken a leap forward.according to, “SpaceX launched the first of four planned Falcon 9 rocket launches this month. Its flagship rocket is a stack of 48 Starlink satellites and two Black Sky Earth observation satellites. Once in orbit, the booster will land in the sea. The previously flown Falcon 9 rocket was launched from SpaceX Ranch Complex 40 here at Cape Canaveral Air Force Base at 6:12 pm Eastern Standard Time (2312 GMT). Marked the ninth flight of a particular booster. ”

If the recent era has taught us something about society, it means that there is no limit to what can be weaponized and used by anyone. Recently, food has been weaponized in South Asia.according to France24 “The Muslim community in India is often targeted by disinformation by Hindu nationalists and falsely accused online of various crimes. The latest accusations surfaced on social media are that Muslims It is running “rice jihad”. But what is “rice jihad”? Take a look at this week’s episode of truth or fake. Needless to say, news is pure promotion.

And now, with the little good news to take us over the weekend, scientists have taken a big step towards fighting racism.Around Chemistry, “According to a new study of studies published in major genetic journals, human geneticists have almost abandoned the word” race “when describing the population in their dissertation. This is in line with the current scientific understanding that race is a social component, and a welcome deviation from studies that previously confused genetic variation with racial categories is the National Human Genome Study. Vence Bonham, a social scientist at the site, said. the study. However, popular alternative terms such as “ancestors” and “ethnicity” may have ambiguous meanings or may not be defined by genetics, and researchers have drawn them by DNA. Studies suggesting that it is still struggling to find words that accurately describe the group. “If the scientific community, that is, those who know one or two things about taxonomy, begin to deny the scientific existence of race, it must permeate the popular spirit, though. Those who know everything on the far right will probably lament this move as just another example of “awakening.”

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Men use prosthetic hands for vaccination in the hope of avoiding the actual vaccine. – Science Inquirer Men use prosthetic hands for vaccination in the hope of avoiding the actual vaccine. – Science Inquirer

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