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Georgian bantamweight candidate Merab’The Machine’Dvalishvili He joined the world leading the promotion of mixed martial arts in 2020, not only breaking some personal bests last year, but also breaking some historical records set before him. Since then, I’ve kept his nickname.

After losing the first two games in the UFC and leaving a record from 7-2 to 7-4, Dobarishibiri went 5-0, won all 15 rounds, scored a lot of 10-8, and the record was It became 12. -Four.

As you know, Dobarishibiri isn’t quite as complete as nine out of twelve victories are brought about by the decision, but he is clearly one of the best fighters in the world. To be honest, he is 7-0 in the Octagon and could be 14-2 professionally instead of 12-4. It’s easy to see why you say that here.

Dobarishibiri set a 5-2 record in the ROC Bantamweight Championship and defended once before joining the UFC. Upon joining the UFC, he planned to face veteran Frankie Saens for his promotional debut.

Saenz, an NCAA Division I wrestler, won most of the fights using takedowns and controls, but was downed a total of 11 times by Dvalishvili, beating 104-66 on a total strike. Dobarishibiri lost the match due to a very controversial split decision.

But this performance revealed one of him. He doesn’t stop moving forward and this kid can wrestle like no other. His next match was against a very talented opponent, Ricky Simon. Ricky Simon lost in the submission (guillotine choke) at 5:00 in the third round.

dvalishviliAgain, this should not have been a defeat, like the Battle of Sentz. Dobarishibiri dominated this battle, defeating Simon six times, momentarily twice, and at some point defeating Simon.

In Dobarishibiri’s final takedown attempt, Simon wrapped him in a guillotine choke and mounted him until the very end of the battle to the final horn. But, as the referee said, Dobarishibiri wasn’t out at the end of the fight. He was a little vague, but conscious.

He also defeated Simon 82-38 on a total strike, and certainly nodded to the decision.

After that, Dobarishibiri fought Teronware, defeated him five times, defeated 205-22 on a total strike, and won the unanimous decision (30-25, 30-25, 30-25).

Then there was a match against Brad Katona, the winner of Ultimate Fighter 27. Brad Katona also went down five times, hitting 215-43 on a total strike to win the unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

His three battles in 2020 are coming. He was, of course, 3-0 and dominated all three.

He first fought Casey Kenney in February. Former LFA flyweight & bantamweight champion UFC His only defeat came to Dobarishvili.Battle of Kenny Dominick Cruz Then if it says anything to this guy’s skill level and potential.

Dobarishibiri absolutely beat Kenny, defeating a total of 12 times, defeating 114-47 on a total strike, and winning the unanimous decision (30-27, 30-25, 29-28). Kenny is a two-time black belt in judo and a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, further striking this dominant victory over him.

Dodge Challenger was then scheduled to play against former flyweight title challenger Ray Borg, who withdrew from the match and was replaced by promotional rookie Gustavo Adriáz.

Of course, Lopez was a good fighter and finisher, but he lost to Dobarishibiri. He was defeated 13 times, defeating 110-49 on a total strike and making a unanimous decision of the George dynasty (30-26, 30-26, 30-25).

Dobarisibiri was the winner of Ultimate Fighter 14, and John Dodson, who challenged the flyweight title twice, won his first big name in the next match.

It wasn’t as dominant as most of his fights, but Dobarishibiri defeated Dodson twice, defeating 88-31 on a total strike, and a unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27). Gave.

You see, this is a beautiful thing about this. Dobarishibiri broke the record for the most takedowns that landed in one calendar year in 2020 at 27. He only needed one to get first place in the Dodson battle and only two to beat it. exactly.

If he didn’t secure a takedown against Dodson, he would still be in third place, which is insane to think about. It’s worth noting that this guy secured 25 takedowns in two battles, regardless of who he was fighting.

Khabib Nurmagomedov had previously set a record at 26, starting with three performances in 2013. This is very noteworthy as Nurmagomedov did not secure a takedown in the first fight of 2013. Longtime veteran Tavares 1:55 Round One.

However, Nurmagomedov secured 21 takedowns against four NAIA all-American wrestlers Aberto Ruhiyo and five more takes against Pat Healy, who had just beat Jim Miller in the previous battle. We secured downs and achieved 26 takedowns in 2013.

The battle of Trujillo was very impressive. It was Sean Sherk, who secured 15 against Hermes Franca in 2007, who had most of the takedown records in one previous battle. This is a five round battle and Franca is a BJJ fighter.

Nurmagomedov secured six more takedowns to the wrestler within 10 minutes. Gleison Tibau and Rashad Evans each tied in third place, with Tibau scoring 24 takedowns in 2009 and Evans scoring 24 takedowns in 2006.

Chibau started in 2009 in the face of Rich Clementi (guillotine choke) submitted in Round 1 after securing a second takedown of the fight. He then downed Jeremy Stephens five times to win the unanimous decision, and then down Melvin Guillard six times, losing the split decision.

Cibau’s fourth and final match in 2009 showed that he had secured 11 takedowns. To Josh Neer, who was defeated by a unanimous decision to end this year. Evans had a great year in 2006, 3-0 throughout the year.

April 2006 was Evans’ second UFC match after winning the Ultimate Fighter 2 in November 2005. Evans defeated Sam Hoger in the April split decision, securing nine takedowns throughout the match.

He subsequently defeated Ultimate Fighter I finalist Stephan Bonnar by majority, down seven times, then KOed Jason Lambert in Round 2 and down eight times, taking his 24th take in 2006. I went down.

Evans really needed the latter victory. He won the last three battles, and the first three UFC battles were split, split, and majority voted. This really shows that Evans was a light heavyweight elite and dropped down after winning the Ultimate Fighter.

dvalishviliFifth on the list of the most takedowns secured in the calendar year is, of course, Colby Covington, who secured 23 takedowns in 2016.

Covington downed Meunier five times to win the third round submission (rear naked choke) and then down Griffin six times to win the third round TKO.

Looking at Griffin’s record, it’s not the best at 16-8, but Covington is the only man to finish him to this day, four of Griffin’s seven defeats are split decisions, and at least three of them. Would certainly have been able to nod.

Covington closed Bryan Barberena unanimously with a total of 12 downs, 12 of which were the 23rd takedown of 2016.

dvalishviliIt’s pretty crazy that “Eagle” had a record for the last seven years. Well, it’s not that crazy, you’d actually think someone like Nurmagomedov has a record, but it’s crazy to see Dobarishibiri go beyond that.

Dobarishibiri is like a mix of Kovington and Nurmagomedov, it’s like his fight. He has both wrestling abilities, he has both insane pressures, he has Covington’s aerobic exercise, and he is also a bit like Covington.

The Georgian tank started its career with a 1-2 record, losing its first professional fight and a third to Bellator’s prospect Ricky Bandehas. As you read, he also went 0-2 at the start of his UFC run, which we may add to be very controversial. He is not a stranger to adversity, but his way of fighting is like he has never experienced adversity.

This isn’t the first record Dvalishvili broke, but here are his other records and credentials.

  • Most Takedowns in UFC Bantamweight History – 41 (Uriah Faber and Ricky Simon tie second with 26)

If the match against Gustavo Adriáz was £ 135 instead of £ 140, there would be 54 bantamweight takedowns. Still, he has a record, which is not close. He has only been in the UFC for three years. It’s worth noting.

  • One of only two fighters in UFC history, with three double-digit takedowns in a single battle (Demetrious Johnson)
  • Most ground attacks landed in a single bantamweight battle – 189
  • Most body strikes landed in a single bantamweight battle – 127
  • Most takedowns landed in a single bantamweight battle – 12
  • Most takedown attempts in a single bantamweight battle – 24
  • Most strikes landed in one round of bantamweight combat – 114
  • Most strikes were attempted in one round of bantamweight combat – 153
  • 2019 Combat Sambo World Championship Silver Medalist
  • Judo black belt
  • Most deletions secured in 1 calendar year – 27

Merab Dvalishvili may be the most prolific takedown artist in UFC history by the time his entire career is said and done. He turns 30 in a week and has already earned more than half of the takedowns needed to secure that record in most of UFC’s history.

Georges St-Pierre is 90 and 1st, Grayzon Chibau is 84 and 2nd, Demetrious Johnson is 74 and 3rd, Nicklenz and Frankie Edgar are 68 and 4th, and Demian Maia is 65 and 6th. Clay Guida is 64 and 7th, Johny Hendricks is 61 and 8th, Habib Nurmagomedov is 59 and 9th, and Colby Covington is 61 and 10th.

Dobarishibiri has already won 54 after fighting in the UFC for just three years. He could break that top 10 list and take Covinton’s seat in the next battle. He needs seven to tie it and eight to exceed it. Dvalishvili has shown us earlier, it’s more than possible.

Dobarisibiri was scheduled to face Cody Staman and Laoni Barcelos at UFC Vegas 16 in December, but both escaped the match and remained unattended. Both were great matches. Both are great talents in their own right.

Dobarishibiri is not a finisher and may hurt your credibility, but think about it. Georges St-Pierre was not a finisher either. Most of us make him the best Pound for Pound fighter in MMA history.

Needless to say, if he finishes any of these fights, he won’t make 54 takedowns in seven UFC appearances.

Like Habib Nurmagomedov, he almost submitted Abel Trujillo at the end of Round 1 (triangle choke). It was only at the end of the round that he saved Trujillo. If Nurmagomedov gets a tap on the fly, he will not be able to make a record 21 takedowns in a single battle.

Dobarishibiri is 12th in the UFC Bantam Weight Ranking, who will you play next?

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Merab Dvalishvili has a record of most deletions in a calendar year Merab Dvalishvili has a record of most deletions in a calendar year

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