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Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) Infotainment Package debut At CES 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Now, almost exactly three years later, the company is announcing the latest iterations of technology. Hyper screen..Set to appear for the first time in 2022 EQS The flagship EV, MBUX Hyperscreen, takes advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning to integrate well into your life and commute.

However, these features are not as obvious to casual observers as the size and design of the hyperscreen. The infotainment package, which spans almost the entire interior of the EQS sedan, is bundled with three different OLED screens, including one for the passenger seat only, which is more intuitive than the current MBUX system. This is a perfect addition to the upcoming EQS electric car, giving tech addicts early adopters something to brag to their curious neighbors.

Big and bold

Hyperscreen curved glass, spanning over 56 inches from end to end, could be the largest such silicate in the automotive industry today-it definitely beats the Escalade. 38 inch display..But like caddyThe Mercedes-Benz Hyperscreen is actually made up of three different points of interaction, all encapsulated under a single smooth glass plate.

For example, drivers are faced with a comprehensive set of digital gauges. 2021 S class Although it is a sedan, it has added individual EV functions to monitor brake regeneration, charging status, and driving dynamics. Next to and slightly below the instrument cluster is a central infotainment display that, by default, uses a large navigation map and minimal phone and audio controls. Finally, a short, wide screen appears on the dashboard right in front of the passengers, entertainment goods when seats are occupied, and a stylish galaxy of three pointed stars when only the front driver. Is displayed.

Mercedes Benz MBUX Hyperscreen Navigation Display

There are circular HVAC vents on either side of the glass, which appear to float above the surface of the glass. According to the company, the two outlets connect the analog and digital worlds. Sure, whatever you say. Nonetheless, the location and function of the vents seems to be very attractive and unique, so there is praise for interior designers who have decided to place them there. More visual pop is brought about by the single frame plastic surround of the screen, which features three very thin layers of “silver shadow” coating for a luxurious feel and look. Surrounding lighting along the bottom edge of the glass gives a stylish floating effect.

The slightly curved glass plate is rendered at temperatures above 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring distortion-free transparency and incredible strength. The company has also tested glass for safety, especially in extreme cases such as catastrophic car accidents. In these rare situations, the glass has predetermined break points and five attachment points at both ends and yields in the desired way thanks to the honeycomb substructure.

Mercedes Benz MBUX Hyper Screen Air Vent

Smart suggestions

Hyperscreen can store profiles for multiple drivers and passengers, so it uses artificial intelligence to offer comfort and vehicle maneuvering suggestions. For example, the Mercedes-Benz EQS has a suspension that allows you to lift your car a little higher, which is useful when approaching steep driveways or crossing perforated streets. If the driver regularly uses the suspension lift in a particular location, the hyperscreen learns how it works and suggests actions in advance to facilitate the driver’s process.

Another such use case is an action that is linked to a particular time and place. When a driver calls every Tuesday night after he quits his job, EQS can now make a suggestion to the driver and display a business card or a picture of the person he wants to call. Each hyperscreen action is linked to a personal profile, so if someone else is holding the steering wheel, the vehicle will not make such a suggestion.

Mercedes Benz MBUX Hyperscreen Climate Display

Even without AI, the basic system looks pretty intuitive. Central hyperscreen display defaults known as “zero layer” feature maps, audio, and phone controls-Mercedes-Benz research suggests that these are the most common feature drivers used in previous MBUX iterations. Did. This means that calling one of these features is fairly easy and can be accessed from this zero layer. The “Hey Mercedes” voice command also appears here, commanding almost every function of the hyperscreen.

Of course, looking at an infotainment package without hard buttons makes me feel a little uneasy. I don’t know what the rest inside the EQS will look like, but it may not contain old-fashioned inputs such as volume knobs and physical climate control. Wait until you’re sure, but if your Mercedes doesn’t include the actual dials and toggles, we recommend making the digital version very easy to use.

Mercedes Benz MBUX Hyperscreen Instrument Cluster

Party piece

The MBUX hyperscreen is an option in the EQS EV family, probably with a sedan SUV variant.. Mercedes has not promised a specific timing for these vehicles, but expects S-class sized electric sedans to debut in the summer and SUVs to follow the fall or winter.

It’s no surprise that Hyperscreen will soon be available on other Mercedes models. Probably as a second year option addition to the new S-Class sedan, which already boasts MBUX artificial intelligence. Mercedes-Benz looks beautiful and user-friendly at first glance, but it’s silly to limit the hyperscreen to one model family.

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Mercedes-Benz announces MBUX hyperscreen for EQS flagship EV Mercedes-Benz announces MBUX hyperscreen for EQS flagship EV

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