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The first full week of 2021 is almost behind, with fourth-quarter and annual sales of almost every car manufacturer now. Top 20 best-selling cars In America, not to mention eternity Mustang-Challenger-Camaro Sales Battle And top track. Now let’s take a look at the more upscale aspects of the automotive business, focusing on luxury brands.

once again, BMW As the most popular luxury car manufacturer in the United States, it remained strong with annual sales of 278,732 units.The· X3 BMW sold 59,941 units, but manufacturers have reached the end of the year with a 17.5% decrease.German rivals Mercedes-Benz There wasn’t a terrible decline of 13%, but total sales of 274,916 weren’t enough to beat BMW. SUVs also dominate the Mercedes roost, GLC class It won the highest honor with the sale of 52,626 units.Mercedes total sales Absent Includes sprinters, which are often sold as commercial work vehicles.

But Mercedes was no second to BMW.That honor actually goes LexusBarely passed Merck with sales of 275,041. This is only a difference of 125, and Lexus is also a better year in percentage than both German companies, showing a 7.7% decrease.Credit is Lexus RX It’s almost the same as the combination of Mercedes and BMW’s best-selling models, with annual sales of 101,059 units.

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How about other brands? Total sales decreased significantly, Audi Ranked 4th with sales of 186,620 Cadillac It will be in the top 5 with 129,495. Volvo With sales of 110,129, followed by Lincoln At 105,410, Infiniti 79,502, and Porsche We conclude the list with sales of 57,924. Of all the companies, Volvo is unique in that it is the only luxury brand to make a year-on-year profit, specifically 1.8%. Tesla No US sales have been reported and the list does not include niche manufacturers such as: Rolls Royce Or Lamborghini..

Maker Sales in 2020 Year-on-year
BMW 278,732 -17.5%
Lexus 275,041 -7.7%
Mercedes-Benz 274,916 * -13%
Audi 186,620 -17%
Cadillac 129,495 -17.1%
Volvo 110,129 + 1.8%
Lincoln 105,410 -6.1%
Infiniti 79,502 -32.5%
Porsche 57,294 -7%

* Van sales are not included.

– Motorsports

Mercedes-Benz has fallen third all the time Mercedes-Benz has fallen third all the time

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