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Mercedes believes that the success of the championship is “in our hands”. Lewis Hamilton The driver’s ranking dropped by 19 points.

Hamilton has won two races since then. Max Verstappen The championship will lead to 8 points in the remaining 2 races. Mercedes drivers set the pace for both Friday practice sessions at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, and team principal Toto Wolff is encouraged by the team’s progress.

“We never give up, but the outlook after Mexico was harsh in terms of total probability,” Wolff said. “It’s much better here. We have it. It’s very exciting. And it can be fun. Obviously, there’s all the pressure that comes with it.”

But Wolff said two more wins were enough to guarantee the title. “Because I’m a finance person, probability is always the basis of my way of working,” he said. “And the probability is against us.

“It’s very easy. You have to win both races. This is a simplified summary.”

“We’re eight points behind and we have to bring in A games every weekend, as we did in Brazil and Qatar,” he added. “Then you have a chance to win the championship, so you play a lot all the time, but in the form of pure paper, the odds are against us.”

Mercedes is more competitive in recent races, but Wolff sees “a lot of risk” in the rest of the round. “Winning a race depends not only on the fastest car and the fastest driver, but also on reliability. The essence of motor racing.

“But in summary, I couldn’t even imagine competing in the championship at that stage of the season. I had two great race weekends, but I need more races to fight for this championship. . “

He was careful not to overread Hamilton’s pace on the first day of his new run Jeddah Cornish Circuit that too.

“Friday can be very misleading, so it’s very difficult to say at that stage,” Wolff said. “I don’t know which engine mode people are running. From Friday to Saturday, competitors and ourselves are always taking a big step.

“So I don’t want to jump in the frenzy about how well it worked, and I don’t want to worry too much. It’s really just about mashing the job and coming up with the best car tomorrow it can be.”

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Mercedes has a title shot “in our hands” after a “severe outlook” in Mexico – Race Fans Mercedes has a title shot “in our hands” after a “severe outlook” in Mexico – Race Fans

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