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According to Truckside Engineering Director Andrew Shovlin, Mercedes’ pace at the Turkish Grand Prix has rekindled the team’s confidence in the championship opportunities.

Nevertheless Lewis Hamilton Losing the driver’s ranking lead to rival Max Verstappen last weekend, the team was fast enough to lock out the front row of the grid, but a world champion engine replacement penalty dropped him to 11th place. rice field. Hamilton recovered and finished fifth, and the victory of teammate Valtteri Bottas extended Mercedes’ lead to the top of the championship.

In addition to the team’s sixth win of the season, Shoblin said their overall performance was “another positive from the weekend” in Istanbul.

“We performed a good shape [in the] It has a good pace, both dry and wet, and looks like a car that can win the championship. And back in the beginning of the year, when we make the decisions we’re working on and try to balance the two years, one of our worries is that at the end of the year we can still do it. Would you like to lock the car on the pole, get the front row lockout and control the race? “

Mercedes started the season with three wins in the first four races and one in the next 10 events. However, following consecutive victories in Russia and Turkey, Hamilton is only two points behind Verstappen in the drivers’ ranking, leading Red Bull by 36 points in the Constructors’ Championship.

“It’s really reassuring to be in the last six that outqualified them on Saturday and showed that they have a package that can outrace them on Sunday,” Shovlin said.

Despite the strong form of the team in recent years Circuit of the AmericasShoblin, who will host the next round of the World Championships, says he is paying more attention to the pitfalls than the possibilities in future races.

“We have to go to all these races, seeing what catches us, not what’s great and easy for us,” he said. “We don’t really take that approach. It’s just a matter of looking at all the data from the simulation and doing what the car needs.

“It’s a very different tarmac, but it’s a circuit that Lewis is very good at, a chance to overtake and a deteriorating track, so the dynamics of the race change a bit.

“There is no reason to think that you shouldn’t be strong in Austin, but we’ve come and prepared well. [to Turkey] You need to make sure your car is in the correct window and will run correctly for the next race. “

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Mercedes’ now looks like a car that can win the championship’ · Race Fans Mercedes’ now looks like a car that can win the championship’ · Race Fans

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