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The twisty Hungarolling circuit was expected to fully demonstrate the strengths of Red Bull’s RB16B chassis.

However, Mercedes turned the table with a rival of the main title. Lewis Hamilton took pole position, recovered from the wrong strategic call and finished in 3rd place.

Mercedes didn’t immediately answer why he showed such a strong pace over the Hungarian weekend, but he was intrigued by the choice of Red Bull wings.

The World Champion team was afraid that Red Bull could be invincible if it adopted the best downforce version. Mercedes is currently using its extreme version on many trucks.

Andrew Shoblin, Truckside Engineering Director, said: [Red Bull]..

“Another thing I’m always worried about on the maximum downforce circuit is that I’m running around the maximum downforce wing frequently and it’s been taken to Monakos and this place.

“But maybe they couldn’t balance it. They left it on Saturday, and for us it’s strange that you run anything other than your biggest rear wing here. I think.

“I don’t know why they are making the decision with that car, but they may have struggled to get enough front ends with big wings and fell into small wings.”

Mercedes wants to do a deeper analysis of why the form was better than Red Bull last weekend. It seems that performance has improved on both straights and corners.

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“This is something we need to consider in the next few days,” Shovlin said. “To be honest, I’m working on a fairly small development right now.

“Silverstone had an update kit, which seems to have given some useful performance. But then, as far as the tire temperature is maintained, the car is working well and We had a very good balance with it.

“But to be honest, we’re surprised by itself. It’s a nice surprise, but I was surprised that Paul could afford it, for example.”

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Mercedes puzzled by Red Bull’s choice of “strange” F1 wing Mercedes puzzled by Red Bull’s choice of “strange” F1 wing

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