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British Housing Secretary Michael Gove warned Mercedes that the government may consider changing advertising laws to ban the Kingspan logo from appearing on cars.

In a letter to Toto Wolff, the principal of the Mercedes team, Gove was “very real” about whether the British Parliament would accept that the team’s partnership with building materials company Kingspan “reflects the public interest”. Question “.

Mercedes’ announcement of a partnership with building materials company Kingspan is angry from Glenfell United, a group of survivors and victims of the 2017 Grenfell Tower disaster, where a fire swallowed a residential skyscraper and killed 72 people. I pulled out.

The group cites evidence unearthed at a tragic hearing that revealed that Kingspan’s management may have misunderstood authorities about the fire protection of the insulation later installed at the Grenfell Tower. , Described the sponsorship deal as “really shocking”. Gove also expressed his disapproval of the transaction over social media.

Wolff publicly responded to an open letter from Grenfell United yesterday, apologizing for the “additional wounds” that the team’s sponsorship agreement with Kingspan caused the family, and offered to meet with the group to discuss concerns. I accepted.

In response, Glenfell United said, “Only meaningful actions towards the responsible person can go to the legacy of change that our 72 are remembered, not the horrifying way they died.”

Following Wolff’s letter yesterday, Gove responded to Mercedes a second time, emphasizing that the British government and broader parliament may consider whether to act to address the concerns of the Glenfell family. bottom.

“As Secretary of State, it’s important to note that planning and managing the UK’s outdoor advertising space is a legal liability imposed on me,” Gove said in a letter to Wolff.

“Currently, broadly speaking, ads that appear on closed lands, such as in sports stadiums, or on vehicles, are excluded from the direct control of relevant authorities. With my cabinet colleagues. I will continue to scrutinize this system to ensure that the advertising system is fit for purpose and reflects the public interest.

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“Does Congress support a legal system that allows key participants in a public inquiry into how 72 people died to publicly promote their products to millions of families across the country? I am aware that I have a very realistic question about what to do. “

Gove urged Mercedes to reconsider his contract with Kingspan and believed it could damage the reputation of both the team and its drivers. Lewis Hamilton From the perspective of the British people.

“The recent achievements of Mercedes and Sir Lewis Hamilton represent the British success story we are all proud of,” Gove continued.

“We would appreciate it if you could rethink this commercial partnership. This could undermine all the good work the company and sports have done.”

Labor Party Lisa Nandy, the secretary of the Shadow House, said she agreed with Gove’s position on the matter, saying “it’s encouraging to see.” [Gove’s] A swift critique of the decision by the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 team to sign a sponsorship deal with Kingspan, who is being scrutinized for its role in the Glenfell fire, which killed 72 people this weekend. “

Nandy also accepted a “millions of pounds donation” from a real estate developer responsible for an apartment covered with the same dangerous ACM, Gove and the Conservative Party. [aluminium composite material] Cladding since the 2017 fire. “

Phase 2 of the 2017 Disaster Public Investigation will resume on Monday.

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Mercedes said the UK government could change the law following criticisms of Kingspan’s deal – RaceFans Mercedes said the UK government could change the law following criticisms of Kingspan’s deal – RaceFans

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