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German carmakers have been dominant since the beginning of the turbo-hybrid era in 2014, surpassing their rivals with just three hits last year.

Wolff says he was surprised at the scale of the advantage he had in 2020, as Red Bull’s challenge wasn’t enough and Ferrari’s pace slowed down.

However, Wolff said in an exclusive interview with that the key to its continued success was the team’s paranoid thinking, fearing that the execution of control would soon end.

“Every year, the same performance we did [in 2020] Not surprisingly, we are skeptical, so it’s a surprise, “said Wolff.

“It’s holding us back for the goals we set ourselves, and we’re always a little late.

“In that respect, we are all happy and surprised when we get out of the block and see us in a good position, but that skepticism and pessimism about our own performance level is It continues to plague us throughout all seasons.

“I don’t know if it will definitely succeed until it’s actually completed. And we’re not fishing here for compliments. It’s just our attitude.”

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Wolff suggests that very strong rivals like Red Bull and Ferrari have helped some of Mercedes’ core strengths, but why haven’t they been able to put together a strong enough title challenge in the last few years? He says there is no answer as to whether it was.

“We respect our competitors and we respect the people on those teams very much,” he said.

“I see these guys in the paddock and know they are giving everything, just as we are giving everything.

“We can’t really look at other organizations, so it’s very difficult to determine where the weaknesses of other organizations are, or where we benefit.

“We are a good place to work, a fun place, and a place to put pressure on ourselves.

“But you can balance the pressure to burst a pipe with the pressure to produce a diamond. And that’s something you can’t put in a PowerPoint presentation. This is what you need to live every day. ..

“You need to empower. You need to be a safe place for your employees. You need to allow them to speak, make mistakes, and have the right values. And All of them can be built over time. “

Wolff’s determination that Mercedes will not be beaten could push staff to the limit, as it happened when the engine division finally faced Ferrari’s powerful 2019 engine challenges pegged back by the FIA’s technical directive It is clear that there is sex.

“Looking at the MGP and HPP, or Mercedes motorsport organizations, we see last year at the absolute edge of performance delivery in the restructuring required for a cost cap environment and COVID.” did.

“We are in good space, keeping energy levels high, setting appropriate goals, and doing everything in the arsenal of our equipment to find our purpose in what we do.

“But a year like 2020 is sometimes very difficult and not as simple as the previous year.”

In particular, reflecting the stress of Mercedes’ engine division and the stress of regaining the lost ground on Ferrari, Wolff said: [in 2019]..

“At one stage, with MGP support, we needed to expand into unhealthy areas and develop chassis-related items for power units.

“I think we took a big step in the winter because we pushed ourselves hard. In a way, it’s ironic that we were pushed hard by those who retreated in 2020.”

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Mercedes still suffers from “skepticism and pessimism” Mercedes still suffers from “skepticism and pessimism”

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