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After a delay in discussions, seven-time world champions Hamilton and Mercedes finally signed a new one-year deal in February. This will cover the 2021 season, but leave it to both parties to renegotiate a new agreement on F1’s new era of regulation from 2022.

The deal ended speculation about Hamilton’s short-term future, but also raised questions about what would happen beyond the end of 2021.

Hamilton commented, “You don’t necessarily have to plan too far ahead.” “In the future”, prefer the flexibility of a one-year contract.

“I just wanted a year, but then I can talk about doing more and continuing to add. [to] That’s it if necessary. “

Team Principal Wolff explained that Hamilton’s unusually short contract does not question his long-term commitment to sports, but gives him the flexibility he deserves for his 35-year-old career.

“No, there is no doubt about his commitment,” Wolff said.

“First of all, he enjoys racing a lot. We enjoy working with each other and we talked a lot about it, but he’s absolutely right. Times change.

“”[There are] A new priority for all of us in terms of our healthy way of life. He is very passionate about his initiatives for racism and inequality.

“I think it’s enough for a driver who has won seven championships to have the flexibility to decide what he wants to do in the future, whether it’s a race or outside the circus.”

Lewis Hamilton, F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2020

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With both Hamilton and teammate Valtteri Bottas tied to a new one-year contract, Wolff is relaxed in deciding on a 2022 driver lineup, but will not leave it until last winter. I swore that I didn’t.

“We agreed to take up the discussion much earlier this year to avoid the situation like 2020 and to be in an unpleasant position of running out of time and running out of time before the season begins,” Austria said. The person added.

“And that’s also why we only had a one-year contract, so that we can discuss the future of racing and the future of non-racing in a longer and more appropriate time.

“In fact, if Lewis continues to race, I’d love to do it together, and I’ll discuss it soon.

“Thanks to Valtteri, we know exactly what we have and we are grateful for this.

“At the same time, new cars and new regulations will change the situation. From now on, we will have to make the right decisions for our team.

“It also means talking to the two drivers first and then seeing where it goes.”

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Mercedes tells Lewis Hamilton “There is no doubt” Mercedes tells Lewis Hamilton “There is no doubt”

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