Mesprit, Azelf, and Uxie locations and catch tips

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Get everything back from the original game, including how to find and catch Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf. While some improvements in quality of life have been made Pokemon Add series, interact with, search, and capture Legendary Lake Trio from Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf.These three Pokemon play an important role in the story and extended tradition, which is why players will eventually encounter them. Brilliant diamonds and shining pearls Legendary monopoly, Dialga and Palkia.

In the world of Pokemon, Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf represent knowledge, emotions, and willpower, respectively. When people and Pokemon first began to coexist, they shared their strengths with the Sinnoh region.Overall Pokemon BDSP Stories, their importance is shown through the creation of red chains. The Red Chain is a key item that isn’t available, but in theory, it gives the user full power control over both Dialga and Palkia without being restricted to Pokeball. In some games, Team Galactic leader Cyrus was trying to use the Red Chain to control their legendary Pokemon.

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Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie are the three strongest Pokemon available in Sinnoh Regions, and some of the most difficult to capture. All three members of Legendary Lake Trio have been found at level 50, and their capture rates are very low. In addition to lowering your HP, you can use movements like Thunder Wave to increase your chances of being caught. Players need to stock up on a lot of Pokeballs to catch Mesplit, Azelf, and Uxie. Each member can easily need more than 60 Pokeballs for an unlucky trainer.

Where are Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf in Pokemon BDSP?

How to find and capture Mesprit in Pokemon BDSP

Before catching Mesprit, Azelf, Uxie, the player first defeats the main story, Elite for in Pokemon BDSP.. The National Dex does not have to occupy Lake Trio, but it cannot occupy it before the Elite Four is defeated. After defeating the Elite, four players can return to Twin Reef Town and head to Lake Verity to begin looking for the three legendary Pokemon.

Mesprit Location & Catch Guide: Pokemon BDSP

Inside the cave of Lake Verity is Mes split. When Mesplit interacts with it, it disappears from the cave. Mesprit will continue to teleport the Sinnoh region, heading to the new area each time the player moves to it. To track Mesprit, players must head to Jubilife City to receive the new app. Pocketch Pokemon BDSP.. Talk to the president of Pokétch Company to receive the Marking Map app. This app automatically tracks the location of Mesprit as it travels through the Sinnoh region. To intentionally trigger Mesprit, the player must repeatedly traverse between the two specified areas until Mesprit reaches the player’s location. There is no time limit for Mesprit to be near the trainer, so all players must exercise patience while waiting for Mesprit to arrive.

When Mesprit came to the same place, I walked around in the tall grass, Pokemon BDSP.. Its unique Lake Trio Battle Music begins to play, indicating that Mesplit has been found. Finding Mesprit is only part of the challenge, but Pokemon will always escape unless it can be trapped in battle. Obvious Pokemon movement Like Mean Look and Block, you can trap Mesprit in combat, but the only way to keep Mesprit trapped is to use either move to prevent the Pokemon from fainting.

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Pokemon such as Crobat, Mismagius, and Honchkrow can level up and learn Mean Look, while Sudowoodo, Snorlax, and Bronzong can learn Block. In addition, Wobbuffet with shadow tag feature can prevent Mesplit from escaping, but unfortunately Dugtrio’s arena trap feature does not work. The two abilities technically have a similar effect on your opponent, but Arena Traps do not work on ungrounded Pokemon or Pokemon like Mesplit with levitation abilities.

How to find and catch Azelf and Uxie with Pokemon BDSP

Honchkrow Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Exclusive, It’s a dark type, so it’s best to use it from the Pokemon mentioned above. Being a dark type prevents Mesplit from attacking Honchikuro. Because the only damaging moves are both psychic-type attacks. Alternatively, you can use Absol in Mesprit, which knows False Swipe and Mean Look, but getting this particular Absol takes time. False swipes always leave 1 HP against your opponent, making them a great way to use them in wild Pokemon.

Absols who know Meanlook can be caught in the ground underground, but the surest way to get Absols who know Meanlook is to breed them in Umbleon after receiving the National Dex. Fortunately, Pokemon BDSP There is False SwipeTM It can be purchased at the Veilstone City Department Store and taught to Absol. Regardless of which Pokemon player chooses to use to capture Mesprit, the most important part is to have a Pokemon that prevents it from escaping. Alternatively, the player can use the master ball to reliably capture the mesplit.

Pokemon BDSP Azelf Location and Catch Tips

Azelf is located in the cave of Lake Valor, and unlike Mesprit, it does not escape. It’s a good idea to save it before fighting Azelf, in case you accidentally faint with an attack that is too strong. However, like Mesplit, the only offensive movement that Azelf knows is a psychic-type movement, so Absol, who knows a fake swipe, is perfect for this battle.Of all the psychic types in the Sinnoh region, Azelf Best attack statistics Pokemon BDSP.. It’s not uncommon for Legendary Pokemon to eventually knock out the entire team, so players will want to avoid damage from Azelf.

Uxie location and catch tips for Pokemon BDSP

Like Azelf, Uxie is a stationary battle in the cave of Lake Keen. Uxie usually has a more defensive stance than Azelf and Mesplit, but the last member of the Legendary Lake Trio is just as powerful. Again, Absol with False Swipe is the best option to use against Uxie as it only recognizes Psychic type attacks.Uxie also holds the position of the best psychic type among Sinnoh’s best defensive Pokemon. Defense Statistics Pokemon BDSP..

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