Metal Gear Solid Movie allegedly casts Oscar Isaac as a Solid Snake

Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ long film Metal Gear Solid is moving forward, and Oscar Isaac is reportedly starred as a Solid Snake. ‘(Kong: Skull Island) A live-action movie of the 1998 Konami video game. The script was written by Derek Connoly and produced by Avi Arad.

Vogt-Roberts has been working on the adaptation of Metal Gear Solid since at least 2017, and has been scripting since then. However, with Izak attached, Sony Pictures seems to be finally starting to make the long-awaited live-action movie.Isaac is best known for his role as a Poda Melon in the Star Wars series, but also for critical hits such as Exmakina and Inside Lewin Davis. He will play Ducreto Atreides in the next Dune movie.

In fact, Isaac said he wanted to take on the role of Solid Snake during an interview with Netflix’s Triple Frontier. “Metal Gear Solid, that’s it,” Isaac said at the time. “I’m wearing that hat.”

Following the interview, Vogt-Roberts asked artist Boss Logic to mock up what the potential Isaac as Snake would look like. You can check the result below.

Metal Gear Solid is a 1998 PlayStation game and the first 3D entry in a stealth action series created by Hideo Kojima. Metal Gear Solid is installed in a remote nuclear weapons facility where Snake must infiltrate to disarm a powerful weapon known as Metal Gear.The release date and production start date of the Metal Gear Solid movie has not been disclosed. In the news of other Sony video game movies, the shoot is wrapped in an uncharted movie of another long-standing work starring Tom Holland as Nathan Drake.

Matt TM Kim is an reporter.


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