Metal Gear Solid movie starring Oscar Isaac as Solid Snake

Oscar Isaac is cast as Solid Snake in future Metal Gear Solid film adaptations. The actor who played pilot Poe Dameron in the latest Star Wars trilogy and Duke Leo Atreides in the next Dune adaptation of Dennis Villeneuve was King Kong: Skull Island, directed and directed by Jordan Vogt-Robert. New Legends Will Rise Trailer for Destiny 2 participated in the production of Sony Pictures with director Vogt-Roberts.

Sources have confirmed Isaac’s role in production by the deadline. In addition, the script reports that it has been processed by author Derek Connolly, including the rise of Detective Pikachu and Skywalker. He also collaborated with Vogt-Roberts as a writer for Kong: Skull Island.

The news may be surprising, but it’s worth noting that Isaac doesn’t keep his love for the Metal Gear Solid series secret. In a cast interview on the Netflix movie “Triple Frontier,” Isaac said he would like to work on Hideo Kojima’s breakthrough stealth game adaptation.

“I’m wearing a hat for that,” Isaac said in a 2019 interview.

“Really! Who are you going to play against?” The host asks.

“Snake, man” Isaac answers in a tone that suggests that the answer was blindly obvious. The exchange is as follows:

At this time, little else is known about Metal Gear Solid movies. Deadline reports that superhero movie veteran Avi Arad is producing under the supervision of Peter Can. I hope I can learn more when the production is fully started. The covid-19 restrictions still apply, but it’s unclear when shooting will begin.

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