Metal Gear Solid Movie taps Oscar Isaac to play Solid Snake

Oscar Isaac at the Academy Awards earlier this year.

Oscar Isaac at the Academy Awards earlier this year.
Photo: Richard Harbo (((Getty Images)

The future of Sony Pictures Metal Gear Solid The movie will appear Star Wars And Ex Machina According to Star Oscar Isaac, the protagonist of Solid Snake deadline..

Silver screen adaptation Metal Gear Solid I have been working for more than 10 years.Series creator Hideo Kojima First announced A project at E3 2006, but for years since then production has stumbled and sometimes Cheating on cancellation..

Metal Gear Solid Production resumed in 2012 Two years later Jordan Vogt-Roberts — revealed to continue coaching in 2017 Kong: Skull Island— I was on board to direct the adaptation.

Conversations over who should play an iconic video game character like Solid Snake have long been plagued by both his creators and fans. In the early stages, Rumors swirled Christian Bale was paying attention to its role, and Kojima himself in 2012 Showed interest Actors such as Ben Affleck, Hugh Jackman and Tom Hardy.

Oscar Isaac, best known for playing various ace pilots Poda Melon Star Wars Property, Publicly threw his hat into the ring The role of Solid Snake in promoting Netflix action movies Triple Frontier last year.He will be back next year Dunes Adaptation and Disney + series based on Marvel Comics antihero Moon Knight.

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