Metro 2033 is free on Steam for a limited time

If you’re looking for something to play on your PC this weekend, Steam now offers a great first-person shooter. 4A Games Metro 2033 March 15 10:00 am (Pacific Standard Time) / 1:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time).. It is important to note that the giveaway is the original version of Metro 2033, not the extended version known as Metro 2033 Redux. The giveaway matches a franchise sale that cheaply includes the other two entries in the series.

Metro 2033, adapted from the Russian novel of the same name by Dmitry Glukhovsky, was first released in 2010. Set in the Post-Nuclear Apocalypse, Metro 2033 takes place primarily in the winding tunnels of Moscow’s underground metro system. You play as Artyom, a young man who has spent most of his life in the tunnel. After the station where he lives is attacked by a mysterious creature, Artyom leaves home to investigate and find help.

Metro 2033


The Metro 2033 features its boring, tense atmosphere and survival-oriented gameplay. Received 8/10 in the Metro 2033 review.

The Metro 2033 Redux and Metro Last Light Redux will be available on Steam for $ 4 each this weekend. You can also get the latest in the series, Metro Exodus, for just $ 13.59.

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