Metro Exodus receives next-generation treatment

Deep silver And 4A game Announced Metro Exodus, A spectacular story-driven first-person shooter inspired by Dmitry Glukhovsky’s novels has arrived on the Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5 with key features such as faster frame rates, higher resolutions, faster load times, and stunning ray tracing features. Enhancements will be possible with new hardware.

Next-generation consoles will enable 4A games to provide visual enhancements and performance. Previously this was only possible with state-of-the-art PC hardware and RTX-enabled cards. In addition, the advanced version of Metro Exodus will be available as a free upgrade to existing and future current generation game owners. The release date will be announced in the near future.

Continue the celebration of Metro 10th Anniversary, Deep Silver, and 4A games have captured a decade-long journey on a unique metro timeline. This is an interactive retrospective that graphs all the major events in the history of the studio and series.

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The timeline reveals the interwoven history of the world of Dmitry Glhofsky, 4A games and metro video games in one place, giving fans and newcomers a unique way to explore this iconic series. ..

As part of a major studio update, 4A Games also confirmed that the following Metro titles are under development for Gen9 consoles and PCs. This includes a complete engine and renderer overhaul and takes advantage of the new power, storage, and hardware-supported ray tracing provided by the new console.

In addition, the recently announced partnership with Sabre Interactive will allow 4A Games to explore multiplayer experiences in the new Metro Universe. “As a small studio, we couldn’t justify these ambitions. Our ideas never went beyond the prototype stage,” said 4A Games. “But Saber’s online gaming experience is actively exploring the concept of multiplayer that provides a new way to experience the world of the metro.”

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