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Aroma McLaren SP-Chevrolet driver, who finished fourth in his first full season at IndyCar last year, nailed his first win at this level with a win in the second round of the Texas Motor Speedway doubleheader on Sunday. I made it.

Oward, who will turn 22 tomorrow, was then asked if his victory would help IndyCar return to his hometown.

“I certainly hope so,” said the 2018 Indy Lights Champion. “I don’t think we can do that with just one win. If we are consistently candidates for the championship, if we win more couples, I think it will definitely help a little more chance. That is the goal.

“I always tell everyone.’When you return to Mexico, it will be a sold-out event and it will be great!’ You need to get into the process as soon as possible …

“I feel like there is nothing better than Mexican fans. There is so much life and energy, especially for their compatriots. It’s really cool.

“We always want to see more. We feel very likely to grow in Mexico, South America, and all Latins. This is clearly in the right direction. But it’s far from where I can feel. “

Since the finale of the 2007 Champ Car World Series season at the circuit Hermanos Rodriguez in Mexico City, US open-wheel races have been absent from Mexico. Only a year ago, there were two races in this country. Hundidora Park and Mexico City Race in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon near the beginning of the season.

Fundidora Park is no longer available, but since then there have been rumors that IndyCar has returned to Mexico City, and the truck has been upgraded to current F1 safety standards and paced when the Grand Prix returns in 2015. Has gone up.

Puebla’s 1.25-mile oval was also considered a candidate, but a study by NZR Consulting truck designer Tony Cotman generated a list of upgrades needed for IndyCar performance cars, and these costs were an idea. Is understood to have crushed.

Howard said he had spent much of his youth in the state, having recorded his first victory in Texas so far, and was even more satisfied with his groundbreaking victory.

“It’s certainly very special,” he said. “It’s really cool to do it very close to my heart and very close to my house. Texas is the closest place I have to race in Mexico. Hopefully we will do it in the future You can change it.

“I lived in San Antonio for many years, just four hours south of here. I grew up there for many years in my teens. I love coming here.”

After that, he expanded the theme. [Monterrey,] Mexico for the first 11 years of my life. I attended middle and high school in San Antonio, Texas … I moved to Indy a year ago to get closer to the team. I enjoy spending time with them. They are like a second family.

“San Antonio, Texas feels very home to me.”

Informed that he was the first Mexican driver to win an IndyCar race since Adrian Fernandez in 2004, Oward replied: Representing my country is very special to me. I’m the only Mexican driver racing here.

“I’m competitive. I like to win. I like to be on the front line. I like to compete. There’s nothing better than raising the flag as high as possible think.”

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Mexican IndyCar Race Will Be “Sold Out” Mexican IndyCar Race Will Be “Sold Out”

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