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One of the more interesting developments of the NFL off-season was when Urban Meyer, the head coach of the new Jacksonville Jaguars, brought Tim Tebow.

Most NFL experts, analysts, experts — Above all — Peg Tebow’s odds of cracking Jegs’ roster from slim to zero at best. The fact that he even has a chance has created a lot of comprehensible skepticism.

Nevertheless, Tebow attended the Jaguars OTA this week. Despite his larger persona, the polarized athlete is taking a “modest” approach. Moreover, contrary to general consensus, Meyer treats Tebow like any other player.

“Tell me what you want about Meyer and his experiments, but he gives the previous first round pick, Tebow, a special privilege from the observations gained during the practice published in the media. did not.” The Florida Times-Union John Reid writes..

Tebow seems to have a limited number of OTA personnel due to tight end buddies Chris Manhertz, James O’Shaughnessy, newcomers Luke Farrell, Ben Ellefson and Tyler Davis. In itself, it jives with what Reed observed.

His opportunities are rare, but Tebow sometimes makes the most of them. He reportedly demonstrated his pass catch drill skills and was impressed with two short yard touchdowns during the open practice on May 27th.

That said, even Meyer recently admitted that Tebow was facing an uphill to break Jaguar’s 53 roster.

“How often do you make a team? I don’t know. This is an unknown sea,” Meyer said.Rich Eisen Show “ last week. “This will be very difficult, but he’s doing great things. He’s actually doing great things. He’s learning to attack.”

In a statement from Jaguar’s OTA this week, Meyer once again praised Tebow for his positive attitude and willingness to learn.

“Oh, Tim did a decent job. We all know this is a new position for him. He’s a great teammate. In the locker room, we see everyone getting along. You can. Our team has a good match, “Meyer said. Via New York Post.. “But he picked it up properly.”

January, Tebow Give up his similarly long shot MLB dream As a New York Mets farmer, but apparently he reassessed the situation and decided to leave the league in 2015 and go again in his NFL career after not seeing the field in regular season games from 2012.

There are two differences between trying something and actually succeeding in that effort. Like Meyer, Tebow is probably familiar with the indisputable facts.

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Meyer: Tebow “did a decent job” during OTA Meyer: Tebow “did a decent job” during OTA

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