Mia Winters’ name is a joke about the story of RE7 and RE8

Resident Evil Village features the resurrection of Mia Winters, and her role in the story has spawned many theories-one of which is that her name is a joke.

Survival horror game Resident Evil VillageFeaturing the return of Ethan Winters’ wife Mia, released earlier this year as the latest franchise entry.Her roles in both games are surprisingly similar-and for this reason, she’s starting to speculate that her name is actually a joke that hints at both stories. RE7 And RE8.. Spoilers for both titles come first.

Resident Evil Village Functions as Event sequel Resident Evil 7: Resident EvilAlthough it has the characters returned from the previous game and some familiar mechanics RE8Gameplay is widely considered to be more action-oriented than previous titles.To both RE7 And RE8, Players control Ethan Winters from a first-person perspective. In addition, both titles were generally well received, and many players quickly became attached to the protagonist.

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Mia isn’t acting as the protagonist in either release, but she’s the focus of both Resident Evil Village as well as RE7.. That said, her influence on the story is relatively indirect.Mia is missing in a significant portion of both games-to a certain extent it’s even Leads to the theory inside RE7 And RE8 player She was never among them in the first place. However, others have a more carefree theory about her, suggesting that Mia’s name actually means a humorous reference to her role in the story.

A secret reference behind the name of Mia Winters

The name of Resident Evil Mia Winters is a joke about the story of RE7 and RE8

“Operational action” is a military term used to classify casualties assigned to personnel who were reported missing during a war or ceasefire and are presumed to have died as a result.Traditionally, this is shortened to “MIA”-so it didn’t take long to pay attention. Resident Evil Players combine the two with the term Mia Winters, the often missing wife of the protagonist Ethan. Some have theorized that her name could be a fourth wall-tilted reference to the game’s plot, especially her role in the game, added as a joke from the developer. I will. At different times in both games, Mia seems dead, And her disappearance serves as a mysterious point for the player to solve. The description of “missing” fits her suspiciously well.

Plot Resident Evil 7 Kicked off when Ethan began pursuing the lead for Mia’s disappearance a few years ago.But Resident Evil 8 Does not follow exactly the same progression-the player assumes that Mia was killed at the beginning of the game and later only finds out that she is actually missing-her absence is also important for the game It is a part. The developers seemed to be fully aware that Mia was more inconveniently missing than in the series. Her name may be a way to wink the player in that regard.That said, there isn’t always an official confirmation of the inspiration behind Mia’s name, so it remains at this point. Yet another Mia-related theory among Resident Evil fan.

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Mia Winters’ name is a joke about the story of RE7 and RE8

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