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Last week yours Miami Dolphins Travel west Las Vegas Raiders.. Once again, Fitzmagic came out of the bench to help dolphins draw victory in a miraculous way. It was a game that had to continue on the road to the playoff berth. This week again, we need to win to secure a spot in the playoffs, but Ryan Fitzpatrick’s positive on Covid this week keeps the team stuck on the bench with no “pinch hitter”. You can also play games and travel to Buffalo with other members of the team.

So whether he’s ready to be a full-time guy or not, this week will be a Tuatago Viroa show no matter how the game progresses. Tour is asked to perform offenses throughout the game and either draw another victory or go down with the ship. It’s time for the kids to show that this is his team and it’s about to come! Of course, this is not a regular game. This is the most important game this team has played over at least the last 12 seasons. If Miami wins, they are in the playoffs. If they lose, they need help from someone else to lose and you don’t want to leave your destiny to others.

So dolphins will obviously participate in the game with more lines Buffalo Bills But Bills still has a reason to fight for this victory. Bills is currently in second place in the AFC Playoff Seed. They need to secure a win to ensure they hold the second spot in the playoffs.With loss Pittsburgh Steelers If you win the Bills, you lose your second seed to the Steelers. The second seed no longer guarantees that the team will hold the buy week, but will guarantee that it will hold the home field advantage throughout at least the first two games of the playoffs.

This game for Miami is again a matchup of their top defense against the opponent’s strong attacks. The Miami Dolphins lead the NFL with the points allowed per game, averaging 18.8 points per game. In contrast, the bill gives up an average of 23.26 points per game. When attacking (and in some cases defending), dolphins score an average of 25.2 points per game. The bill averages 29.66 points per game.

Miami Dolphins (10-5) 2nd AFC East @ Buffalo Bills (12-3) 1st AFC East

  • Where: Bills Stadium, Buffalo, NY
  • When: Sunday, January 3rd, 1:00 pm EST
  • TV set: CBS
  • DirecTV Sunday Tickets: 705
  • Broadcast team: Kevin Harlan, Trent Green
  • Live stream: FuboTVYahoo Sports Mobile App;; NFL Game Pass (It will be available after the live game ends)
  • Radio broadcast: Dolphin wireless network
  • Radio Broadcast Team: Jason Taylor, Jimmy Cephalo & Joe Rose, Kim Bocamper (Deputy Reporter)
  • Odds: Buffalo Bills-2.5
  • Top / bottom: 42.5
  • Game time weather: Cloudy, 36 ° F
  • Always face-to-face: Miami Dolphins lead 61-51 in one tie
  • Latest meeting: Buffalo Bills won 31-28 in Miami in the second week of 2020
  • Buffalo Bills SB Nation Site: Buffalo rumbling
  • Buffalo Bills Twitter: @Buff Rumblings

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Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills: Live Threads and Game Information Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills: Live Threads and Game Information

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