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How to end the season.The· Dolphin Offenses, defenses, and special teams did not appear in the game. Bills couldn’t make a mistake and the match against the dolphins went on. I remembered the first few games of the 2019 season.

Defense teams and special teams should not see major changes during the off-season, as both units have done quite well throughout the season. Attacks, on the other hand, can look very different. I don’t think Chang Gary will come back because it wasn’t compatible with Tua Tagovailoa. But when Gary comes back, he needs to have a few new skill players to use, as he will need to add some talent to the wide receiver room. WR did not help Tour at all this season with no separations or pass drops. Dolphins have a lot of capital and it’s up to them to bring in the right players.

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Miami Dolphins fall to Buffalo Bills at 2020 Regular Season Finale 5626
Dolphins finish regular season 10-6

Bills Dolphin

Miami Dolphins hurt chances of NFL playoffs, but Browns and Ravens move on
Miami miserably fails in NFL playoff shots while Baltimore and Cleveland (barely) handle wins and their business

The Dolphins playoffs dream of cheering on Jaguar after crushing losses-Miami Dolphins-ESPN
Due to Tua Tagovailoa’s three passcuts and poor defense, Miami needs help to reach the postseason.

Brian Flores

Brian Flores: We didn’t coach well, we didn’t play well-ProFootballTalk
Dolphins had the opportunity to beat Bills in the playoffs on Sunday, but failed miserably.

Dolphin secondary

Xavien Howard connects Miami Dolphins franchise record with 10th passcut of the season
Howard’s third-quarter intercept connects dolphin franchise records

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It’s a damn time.

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Miami Dolphins News 1/4/21: Bills Massacre Dolphins To End Playoff Hope Miami Dolphins News 1/4/21: Bills Massacre Dolphins To End Playoff Hope

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