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We were just happy at this time of last year Dolphin They showed some life during the season they were supposed to “tanking”. Now here we hope the dolphins will win and enter the postseason for the first time since 2016. Chris Grier and Brian Flores have acquired the players they need during the off-season to help build a team culture. It’s great that they play off, but with this season’s growth and off-season resources alone, fans should be excited about the team’s future, whether or not they’re in the postseason.

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The dolphin victory season should bring out the joy of the present and the future-Miami Dolphins-ESPN
Doing the playoffs is the icing of the team’s cake in the second year of reconstruction, with draft capital and cap space to strengthen the roster.

Dolphin quarterback

Chan Gary accuses Tua Tagovailoa of fighting Denver-ProFootballTalk
Tua Tagovailoa has entered a solid rookie season after overcoming a rough patch against Denver on November 22nd.

Growing dolphin Tua Tagovailoa says CBS Charles Davis: “You can see him more confident, he’s learning” – CBS Miami
CBS analyst NFL loved Tagovailoa’s victory over the Patriots last week, setting the possibility for a playoff berth for the remaining two games.

Dolphin 2020 season

Devante Parker and Mike Geshitsuki are listed as restricted in Dolphins practice-Pro Football Talk
A Sunday morning report showed that Dolphins wide receiver Devante Parker would play after being listed as suspicious of a hamstring injury, but he was on the inactive list for the Patriots. It was.

Dolphins could play off and become the first NFL team in 20 years to be named in the Top 3 of the NFL
This year may be a big year for dolphins

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Phinsider Radio: Dolphins run through putts and keep their playoff hopes alive-Phinsider
The late-season match against the Miami Dolphins continues to plague the New England Patriots

NFL Power Ranking Week 16: Chiefs Return to Top, Dolphins Return to Top 10-The Phinsider
The NFL calendar is heading towards the penultimate week of the regular season. With the transition from Week 15 to Week 16, the 2020 NFL Power Rankings will be back. I feel like I haven’t participated yet …

It’s ridiculous that Kansas City Chiefs Frank Clark made a Pro Bowl on top of Emmanuel Ogba in the Miami Dolphins. Straight stupid-Phinsider
As we saw last night, a respected and very important Pro Bowl team was announced. Thankfully, games that literally despise everyone on the planet are played in Madden. If it’s a league …

Dolphins vs Raiders: Point spreads continue to widen-finsiders
The Miami Dolphins defeated the New England Patriots 22-12 last weekend, improving to 9-5 during the season and maintaining their position to win the playoff berth in the regular season …

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Miami Dolphins News 12/23/20: No playoffs or playoffs, this season was a success Miami Dolphins News 12/23/20: No playoffs or playoffs, this season was a success

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