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Brian Flores turned to Gunslinger’s Ryan Fitzpatrick because he knew his team needed sparks in the fourth quarter. For the second time this season, Flores pulled Tuatago Viroa to take Fitzpatrick to the field and spark. Fitzpatrick sparked his Fitzpatrick. Veteran QB threw a no-look pass, but his face mask was stripped off, roughening the penalty for passers-by who set the game’s winning field goal by Jason Sanders and completing the ball to McHollins. .. This game is nuts Dolphin Living for the postseason.

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Ryan Fitzpatrick replaces Tua Tagovailoa again, leading Dolphins to Raiders vs. comeback victory
Once again, Dolphins coach Brian Flores put Tua Tagovailoa on the bench for Ryan Fitzpatrick in the fourth quarter of the winning game. This time Miami won.

Raiders Dolphin

Game Summary: Miami Dolphins vs Las Vegas Raiders, 12/26/20 | Miami Herald
Ryan Fitzpatrick kept the Dolphins playoff hope alive with the Miami Dolphins passing the Las Vegas Raiders 26-25 and Jason Sanders scoring a 44-yard field goal.

Fitzmagic strikes again and dolphins are unlikely to win 26-25-ProFootballTalk
Fitzmagic may have saved the hope of a dolphin playoff. .. .. While dashing the Raiders and Ravens stuff.

Dolphins vs. Raiders-Game Summary-December 26, 2020-ESPN
Get a summary of the Miami Dolphins vs. Las Vegas Raiders football game.

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Miami Dolphins News 12/27/20: Fitzmagic Keeps Playoff Hope alive Miami Dolphins News 12/27/20: Fitzmagic Keeps Playoff Hope alive

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