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Yesterday, defensive line was better than offensive line. Dolphin I started practicing with full pad for the first time. Tua Tagovailoa has continued a strong training camp and hasn’t thrown a passcut since last Wednesday. It’s great that football is back and it’s hard to believe the game is right there.

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Dolphins are full padded and become physical in the first practice.Plus lineup with surprises | Miami Herald
The Miami Dolphins have just completed their first padded practice in the 2021 training camp. This is what happened.

Dolphin training camp

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Highlights, low lights and anecdotes from dolphin practice

Dolphin quarterback

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Warren Sharp previews dolphins and analyzes their strengths, weaknesses, and what needs to be improved to run in the playoffs. , Page 1

Dolphin linebacker

New Miami Dolphins linebacker Benadrick McKinney flashes on first padded practice-Sports Illustrated Miami Dolphins news, analysis and more
The 2021 off-season acquisition was shining in actual practice for the first time in nine months.

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Miami Dolphins News 8/4/21: Notes from Dolphins’ first padded practice Miami Dolphins News 8/4/21: Notes from Dolphins’ first padded practice

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