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Micah Richards believes Chelsea is the “dark horse” of the Champions League after being proven wrong by Thomas Tuchel.

Former Manchester City and England defender Richards were disappointed with Chelsea’s decision to dismiss Frank Lampard in the January window and admitted that they felt it was a mistake.

However, Chelsea have been thriving since former PSG and Borussia Dortmund manager Tuchel arrived at the club, winning 10 out of 14 games in all tournaments.

Bruce is in pole position to secure the top four finishes in the Premier League, but is also a favorite for advancing to the Champions League semi-finals ahead of the quarter-final clash with Porto.

“Chelsea is a dark horse you know,” Richards told the Super 6 podcast. “I made a piece a few months ago saying that it was shameful for Frank Lampard to be outdoors. And Tuchel came over and I said,” What? Number! “

“But look at them now. They just admitted like two or three goals. Then Porto, then Real Madrid or Liverpool. Neither are playing very well. Next is the final! “

Chelsea were able to evade Liverpool and Manchester City, as well as European giants Bayern Munich and PSG in a Champions League quarter-final draw.

However, Tuchel told reporters last month that he warned not to downplay Porto.

“Then there’s a nice second leg at home that may have a slight advantage to start with an away game and finish at home.

“Obviously, many will like us to Porto. Don’t help us because you can ask their opinion in Turin if it helps you to become a favorite. Hmm.

“It doesn’t help you, but we are confident and it is strongly related to our performance.

“We are confident that we are facing a strong enemy that we face with all respect, but now that we have reached the quarterfinals, we are thinking of ways to win it. The focus is only on reaching the semi-finals. We are confident enough to see the opportunity. “

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Micah Richards qualify for this season’s Chelsea Champions League Micah Richards qualify for this season’s Chelsea Champions League

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