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Micah Richards has discussed the benefits of Newcastle United’s contract with Chris Wood.

Journalists, professionals, anyone, when talking about this NUFC transfer, tend to be divided into two very different extremes.

Some have ridiculed Newcastle United for spending £ 25m on a 30-year-old striker.

Some are investigating why Newcastle United spent £ 25m on 30-year-old Chris Wood.

Surprisingly … People in this second group almost unanimously come to the same conclusion when properly considering the pros and cons of buying a Burnley striker.

Micah Richards is the latest rookie and he fully explains why that applies here …

Talking to Micah Richards Email Newcastle United’s contract with Chris Wood:

“People are wondering why Newcastle has become the most expensive player in Premier League history over the age of 30 and paid so much for a striker who lost his contract in 18 months. Surely didn’t — it’s a good signature and he’s perfect for them in many ways.

In the short term, he doesn’t have to adapt to the Premier League requirements. Newcastle fans wouldn’t have been the first striker to want to sign under a new owner, but in the worst case and demoted, he would be the perfect man to guide them out of the championship. increase.

But next year, we won’t see any promotional campaigns that will catch Newcastle’s attention.

Why? They have brought one of the Premier League’s top nine performance forwards in the last four years. Don’t believe my words — look at the numbers.

From 2017-18 to the end of last season, Mohamed Salah, Harry Kane, Jamie Vardy, Sadio Mané, Raheem Sterling, Alexander Lacaset, Son Heung-min and Pierre-Emerick scored double-digit goal totals for all campaigns.・ Aubameyan … and Chris Wood. When you think he is the only player in the group who does not play in the Champions League … “

“Newcastle has improved the quality of the team, but equally importantly, it has significantly weakened one of its rivals, just as Arsene Wenger was in the late 2000s and early 2010s. And there is no doubt that Daichi will get angry about what happened.

“Imagine what would happen in Burnley’s dressing room. They would see their focus go and wonder what the chances they were given would be absolutely devastating. Daichi, who did such a great job, will feel exactly the same. Fans will be disappointed as well. “

“I’m definitely worried now that Burnley isn’t guaranteed to go straight to the Premier League, while Newcastle feels they have momentum and can break Watford out of the drop zone this afternoon. ..

When Newcastle talks about signing Chris Wood, I think there are two big questions.

Is Chris Wood good?

I think Micah Richards answered as above.

Wood has consistently scored numerous goals in the Premier League for over four years. Only eight other players have scored 10 or more PL goals in each of the last four seasons, and as Micah Richards says, they all play in clubs that have recently played Champions League football. .. Wouldn’t it be 9th on the list as all 8 of these players will be the signature of Newcastle United’s dream in their current position?

Many snobs seem to be involved in Wood’s signature from Burnley and the fact that Sean Dyche’s team is somehow contaminated because of the way Sean Dyche plays football. When playing in Leeds, Chris Wood scored 41 goals in 77 championship starts and Elland Road played good football. Wood has reached the end of his chance. Of course, this is an important task for the striker in any setup.

Newcastle United has created more opportunities under Eddie Howe, but suffers from very few goal scorers on the team. Chris Wood has scored 74 goals in the last five seasons, 46 of which have been in the Premier League. He’s not a very top-level striker, but I think he’s a very good forward. If he played for a better offensive team that regularly creates opportunities, he would have scored far more than the very decent sum he made.

Is Chris Wood Worth £ 25 Million?

This is yes and no, and it really is at the heart of the problem.

In general football terminology, Chris Wood isn’t worth £ 25m, but it’s definitely worth £ 25m for Newcastle United. January has always been a seller’s market, and clubs can charge higher prices because they are far less willing to sell their best players than in the summer when they can replace them.of Burnley’s In some cases, selling to demoted rivals would have almost refused at any cost. The only reason Newcastle was able to get their man was because of Wood’s £ 25m release clause.

Mike Ashley and Steve Bruce have assured Newcastle to enter the season with only one Premier League-level striker (very vulnerable). The vulnerable striker had to play without a natural center forward, as Wilson was absent and even Gale wasn’t available last Saturday, so he couldn’t play for at least the next two months. I lost to League One Cambridge. Especially in the first half, there are 35 crosses in the box, and in most cases no one tries to reach the end of them, doesn’t mind what looks like a scoring, and misses many big chances. increase.

Wilson (6 goals) will not be able to play until further notice, and after finishing 21 games this season, ASM (4) is the only other NUFC player to score multiple goals.

Who really doubts that Newcastle United has done the right thing if there are no other obvious / viable Premier League ready strikers?That is, if necessary NUFC Face the best chances to avoid demotion.

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Micah Richards will definitely make money with a deal with Newcastle United Micah Richards will definitely make money with a deal with Newcastle United

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