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Anaheim, CA – Michael bisping By becoming a young fighter coach, I will continue to establish his roots in the world of MMA.

Former UFC Middleweight Champion and UFC Hall of Fame, Bisping has experienced as much as he can in his renowned combat career. Finished following his last match November 2017.

Even after he retired, he became familiar with sports UFC Analyst and Pundit, Hosts his own podcasts and more. But he hasn’t checked all the checkboxes on his martial arts journey yet. What is still incomplete is to serve as a coach.

He said it was Bisping’s priority, but that’s the only thing he can do at the right time.

“I want to coach some fighters when I get older, and I do,” Bisping told MMA Junkie. “But for now, it’s not fair to do that. Coaching is a selfless job. If I coach someone-and if I get older, you can move your life forward and some If you stack chips, I think I stopped the rat race-I’ll take some time and find myself in one or two disciples, take them under my wings and gain knowledge I will try to tell you.

Starting his career 16-0, he won the “Ultimate Fighter” reality series, headlined more than 12 UFC shows around the world, suffered devastating losses and secured UFC Gold. Returning to the top for a handful of injuries – few people know the game better than Bisping.

He said he didn’t want it all to be wasted. But if he intends to prepay it to the next generation, he wants to do it in full.

Bisping knows what it’s like to be a fighter and knows everything athletes demand from their coaches. He said he wasn’t at the right stage in his life to provide an essential investment in his time and concentration, but he was confident that the right day would come.

“Believe it or not, I’m not that stupid,” Bisping said. “I’ve learned a few things about this sport over the years. I want to tell you that. But I’m still doing it. I’m trying to accomplish what I want to do in my life. It’s not fair to do it to the fighter in question.

“You have to be there every day, you have to help them along the way. If they need shoulders to cry, you have to be someone’s call, Talk about their problems, you have to hunt them down. There’s a lot to be a coach, but I don’t have time right now. “

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Michael Bisping is targeting future MMA coaching careers Michael Bisping is targeting future MMA coaching careers

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